APS enhances electronic signature capability with Annature electronic signature integration

  • APS Practice Management integration with Annature adds innovative electronic signature capability for APS users.
  • The integration between Annature and APS will streamline and improve communication between accountant and client.
  • All future data changes in APS will automatically sync with Annature’s signature solution, strengthening APS Practice Management for centrally storing client contact records and reducing manual data entry.


SYDNEY, 23 November 2021 – Leading accounting software provider APS, a division of Reckon (ASX:RKN), has launched a new integration with electronic signature provider Annature, streamlining e-signing and data entry for many firms in Australia.

Accounting firms across Australia use APS as their core practice management solution to centrally store all their client contact records, and many of those same firms use Annature to obtain electronic signatures on documents from clients.

By integrating Annature directly with APS Practice Management, firms will gain more functionality in the one platform. They will no longer need to manually enter a client’s email address and mobile number into Annature. Instead, the integration eliminates the need for e-signing manual data entry as the client details are automatically synced between Annature and APS’s Practice Management solution.

Annature was established by NowInfinity founder Amreeta Abbott, who says the integration is part of her continued vision for transforming the accounting industry and broader Australian business sector.

“APS is used by some of the largest accounting firms in the country,” says Amreeta Abbott.

“We know those firms have complex workflows and specialist needs when it comes to electronic signatures, ID verification for AML and KYC purposes and this functionality is soon to be released also in Annature.”

“We can see we’ll be able to create and drive a real impact within the APS accounting segment, continuing the strong demand we are experiencing for the integration of Annature’s electronic signature capability.”

General Manager of APS David Francis says it’s not just reduced e-signing manual data entry that this integration with Annature provides, but also an increase in streamlined client communication.

“Not having to enter data twice is obviously a big-time saver,” says David Francis.

“However, it is when data is changed – like an email address – that this integration really adds value. Having mismatched data can cause problems in terms of client communication.”

“Annature is a feature-rich solution and is incredibly easy to use, and presents our customers with an opportunity to improve their document workflow efficiencies.”

“If the practice is trying to get the client to sign a document, but the email address is wrong, the client won’t get the document at all. This APS Practice Management integration with Annature’s electronic signature solution eliminates that risk for firms.”

For APS clients using or wanting to integrate with the Annature solution, connecting them is simple, 2-step process according to David Francis.

The firm’s client just needs to authorise the integration on both sides,”

“They need to authorise APS to connect with Annature and vice versa. Once this authorisation is complete, there is an initial download of data from APS to Annature. After that, any change that is made in APS will be automatically reflected in Annature.”

“This automatic sync of data for e-signing will save time for accounting firms and increase customer satisfaction for the clients.”

With a huge shift globally to cloud solutions and digital ways of working in the past 18 months, David Francis says, integrating with Annature is an important step for all accounting firms.

“Electronic signatures are now a very standard part of the digital tools an accounting practice needs to operate,” says David Francis. “The entire market can benefit from this integration.”

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