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Security Management

ISO 27001:2013 compliant

Reckon’s security compliance has been independently certified to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the global benchmark for security management.

PCI compliant

PCI DSS Version 3.2.1 compliant

Reckon is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, created to improve the protection of cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud.

Reckon One Reliable Uptime

99.9% reliable uptime

Get peace of mind when running your business with uninterrupted service. We have achieved and will continue to target an uptime of 99.9%.  

Data Encryption

Advanced data encryption

Advanced, security safeguards keep your financial data protected. All data in transit is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security protocol. Our cloud products encrypt all data at rest using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Reckon Network Security

Robust security and firewalls

Our security controls including firewalls, network segregation and strict authorisation procedures ensure our environment, and your data remains secure. We also conduct annual third-party security reviews of our systems.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication

We use multi-factor authentication to protect our internal systems and offer it as a second layer of security to prevent anyone but you from accessing critical functions in your account.

Australian Data Storage accounting software

Data stored in Australia

Reckon software products store data in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers in the Sydney region. AWS is the industry-leading provider and maintains strict security mechanisms as well as maintaining many certifications including ISO/IEC 27001:2013.


Privacy and protecting your data

We do not sell, rent or share your information with third parties for their promotional use, and we don’t allow our employees, contractors or partners to see, use or change your data without your permission. See our privacy policy for further detail.

Data Breach prevention

Strict data breach processes

Reckon has a Data Breach Response Plan that meets the requirements of the OAIC Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme. Our security incident management response includes defined procedures with recommendations to be documented and implemented. 

Data Breach prevention

Automated data back ups

All customer data is securely backed up online across our entire cloud product range, allowing access from any device with internet, even if your computer was lost, stolen or damaged. For Reckon Accounts Hosted, we provide tools for customers to perform their own file-level backups.

Employee Check

Comprehensive internal policies

Our policies and procedures framework governs our employees and protects our systems and your data. These include employment verification, criminal record checks, security awareness training and a comprehensive information security management system.

Disaster Recovery

Cutting-edge disaster recovery

Our systems ensure data duplication across three data centers for high availability. Backups are recoverable in case of system failure. AWS Datacenters maintain state of the art physical controls including uninterruptible power supplies, backup generators, flood detection and fire suppression systems.

Please see our comprehensive security page for additional details.

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