Financial reporting software & analytics

Access your business and financial information in one place for a complete picture of your business.

Attract new clients and revenue

Leading technology

Cutting edge data warehousing technology delivers custom visualisations & insights.

Education, support and resources

Easy, self-serve platform

Use out-of-the-box templates or start from scratch and build your own content to fit requirements.

Your own private team

Automatic data collection

Automate the collection of data for financial reporting, ready for you to model & present.

Free Partner program

Collaborative & scalable

Invite others to view content and schedule visualisations for meetings or calls.

Track and monitor your business performance

Reckon Insights provides the platform to collate and model data for a complete picture of your business. Integrate with Reckon One & Reckon Accounts Hosted for rich financial reporting across profitability, cash flow, accounts receivables, customers and many more key performance indicators. Suitable for businesses & advisors working across multiple clients.

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powerful visualisation & analytics

Visualise your data for greater insight

Reckon Insights makes analysing your data fast, easy and useful. Select from hundreds of out-of-the-box visualisations or build your own content to fit requirements. Present the data in a meaningful way that encourages data-driven decision-making across your entire business.

Share, collaborate & add value to your own business or clients

Connect people to the untapped data in your business by inviting them to securely share and manage data and visualisations for specific situations. Set up data subscriptions & KPI templates that are perfect for regular meetings or calls.

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safe secure financial reporting and insights

Affordable, scalable & secure data insights

Utilising leading data-warehousing technology and single sign on access, Reckon Insights ensures your data is safe and only accessible by the right organisations and people. With licences, starting from $10/month it’s powerful technology you can leverage at a price point any business can afford!

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Financial reporting software & analytics

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