Unlimited employees, unlimited time tracking

Get your entire team tracking the hours they work for one flat fee of $7/month. Reckon One Time isn’t priced per user, so you can have your entire team tracking and managing their hours for a price that won’t break the bank.

Unlimited employees, unlimited timesheets
Easy to use online timesheets

Easy to use online timesheets

Invite your staff to access your Reckon One book under the employee system role. This provides them their own login to create timesheets. From there it’s quick and easy for your employees to create their own employee time tracking entries, ready for you to approve.

Approve timesheet submissions with a click

When your employees finalise their timesheet they submit them for approval. From there you can approve or decline them with the click of a button, ensuring all employee timesheets are accurate. You can also add a decline reason so your employee knows why, allowing them to correct their timesheet and resubmit it for approval.

Approve timesheets submissions with a click
Approve timesheets submissions with a click

Create pay runs from your timesheet entries

With one checkbox you can pull in your timesheet data to create a pay run*. Once timesheet data has been imported into a pay run, it can be updated and edited like normal including editing individual employees or adding employees without timesheet data. A massive time saver for busy business owners!

*Requires payroll. Add unlimited payroll for an extra $12/mth >

Assign billable time to clients

Your employees can also mark their timesheets as billable and assign them to a client*. From there, when you create an invoice for that customer, a little pop-up display prompts you to add this billable time to their invoice. Great for agencies, freelancers and tradies and project managers!

*Requires invoicing.

Create pay runs from your timesheet entries

Get started for just $7/month

We scale our pricing per feature, not on the number of users, which allows you to grow your business with confidence.

* Terms & Conditions apply: Transactions that exceed the 1000 limit will be subject to the BankData Fair Use Policy

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Frequently asked questions

How do I set up timesheets in Reckon One?

Reckon One allows you and your employees through the Time module to track time and correctly calculate pay for the select period. To find out more, watch our instruction video here.

How do I create a pay run with Reckon One?

The Reckon Track Time module allows employees to enter their own work times and for business owners/payroll officers to use this information directly into the pay run. To find out more or to get started watch our instruction video here.

What is the purpose of timesheets?
Do timesheets need to be approved?

We recommend you build an approval process into your employee timesheets. The timesheet approval process allows the manager to review the employee submitted timesheets before approving it. Only approved status timesheet data can be used to create a pay run. That way you are never overpaying or underpaying your employees and ensure you are meeting your obligations as an employer.

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