Single Touch Payroll is sorted

Reckon One is Single Touch Payroll compliant and ATO certified. Simply process a pay run as normal, generate your STP report and send it to the ATO via our gateway. You can even keep track of ATO messages and access past submissions.

Payroll software with Single Touch Payroll sorted
Manage Payroll And Stp Unlimited Users

Payroll with unlimited employees

Easily manage wages, leave, super and Single Touch Payroll for an unlimited number of employees. Unlike other payroll solutions, you won’t need to pay by the number of employees you have – saving you money as your small business grows.

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Pay your employees quickly

Simply set up your default settings, enter employee details and hit pay! Group pay items by industry, group of employees, tax rate, and much more. It’s payroll that fits the way you run your business.

You can create a pay run, save it and come back to it at a later time too.

Pay employees quickly with Payroll
Manage the basics including cash flow, bills, expenses, schedule payments and more. Plus, advanced features across customisable invoices, inventory tracking and job management. With over 200+ types of reports & graphs you can get business insights and your financial position at a glance.

Easy-to-use automatic payroll compliance updates

Intuitive navigation, clear workflows and simple data entry mean you can easily pay staff.

It’s also simple to stay up to date with the latest payroll and tax compliance changes with updates such as PAYG tax tables, superannuation guarantee rates and SuperStream requirements automatically pushed into Reckon.

Leaving you more time to focus on running your business.

Get started with Payroll for just $12/month

We scale our payroll per feature, not on the number of employees, which allows you to grow your business with confidence.

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Helping thousands of businesses with their payroll

Frequently asked questions

What is payroll software?

Payroll Software is a technology used by businesses to manage, streamline and to a degree automate the process of paying employees. Payroll software is commonly used for small businesses through to large corporations.

Do I need payroll software?

Your employees are one of your business’s most important resources. They help you interface with your customers and keep the business running smoothly.  It’s vital and part of your legal obligations as an employer to pay your employees correctly and consistently. However many business owners find the payroll process to be overwhelming, complicated and time-consuming. That’s why many companies rely on online payroll software, to ensure proper payroll management.

Managing your payroll manually or by excel can open your business to costly mistakes and legal repercussions. Investing in payroll software can save you time, stress and money. This is the case even for very small businesses with 1-2 employees.

Reckon Payroll starts from just $12/month for unlimited employees, which makes it an affordable option no matter how big your team is.

What are the benefits of Reckon payroll software?

The benefits of using an online payroll software provider like Reckon One Payroll are many.

We’ve outlined some of the main reasons our customers love Reckon Payroll:

  • Reckon Payroll includes unlimited employees, which means as your business grows and you hire more staff your payroll cost stays flat!
  • Automatic compliance updates mean you’re always up to date with the latest payroll information and ATO legislation
  • Online software means you can log in and manage your payroll from anywhere
  • Automatic calculations including wages, leave and deductions etc save you time on manual calculation
  • Tracking payroll through software gives you a much more secure and stable record of employee data and help prevent costly mistakes

Our payroll solution suits a variety of business needs and helps you manage your payroll data better! Start your free 30-day trial today!


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