Networking events range in content and topic across the breadth of business concerns. If you choose the right ones and make them work for you, you can find vast networks of supportive people to connect with and benefit from in terms of business opportunity, partnerships, new clients, education, inspiration and a host of other perks.

1) Business Chicks

Business Chicks are a large, active and focused organisation dedicated to furthering the business lives of Australian women. Let’s hear it from the source:

“Business Chicks is about helping all women to play a bigger game. Whether you’re running your own show, surrounded by others in an office, or just missing a sense of connection and support, Business Chicks is all about giving you the tools you need to propel yourself and your businesses forward.”

More than a mere networking event, the Business Chicks organisation is more of a fully formed community with a large range of interesting events, seminars, presentations, educational tours and community gatherings throughout the year. If you are a woman in business, especially if you are just starting out or going it solo, you would be hard pressed finding a better networking resource.

2) Pause Fest

Pause Fest is a fantastic Melbourne-based startup networking event with a distinctly creative focus, targeting designers, artists and a range of startups and creatives. With speakers from NASA, Netflix and Pixar, this is a top range event for the hungry creative. Let’s hear it from the organisers;

“Pause Fest is a platform for the future. We’ve been described as “Australasia’s SXSW” and as “Woodstock for digital natives” (shucks!). In 2018, we welcomed over 400 startups, 1200 businesses and over 35 media outlets from across Australia. In fact, over the course of nine years, our event has seen 50,000 movers, shakers and creative change-makers come through its doors.”

This mecca of creative networking brings together 30+ international speakers, 200 local speakers, 7 stages, 18 panels and over 24 workshops. If you are a creative small business you would be hard pressed finding a more useful and inspiring network event.

3) Meetup

Meetup? Yes, this app is not only for those looking to find a badminton partner or surfing buddy, it is a great way to network with fellow businesses and entrepreneurs.

There are many parameters to pick through to ensure you pin down the correct location and style of event to suit you, with a handy range function to look for events, say within 10km of Sydney or 20km from Perth. As ana example, by searching “Free Business Networking Events” and specifying within 25km of Sydney, we have a range of choices to pick through such as;

  • Bondi business networking for women
  • Speed networking Sydney
  • Free communal workspace for small business owners in Sydney
  • Sydney entrepreneurship meetup
  • Profitable marketing

The lists are exhaustive and range across a vast number of topics and interests, you would be seriously hard pressed coming up empty handed here.

4) CeBIT

A real stalwart of the networking event industry and certainly the biggest and longest running event in the Australia Pacific region. CeBIT is a renowned B2B technology event that brings together  small business owners, influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and giant tech companies under the one roof.

This spread allows you to network and form relationships with key decision makers from not only the big end of town, but also the small up and comers about to make their own waves. If you want scale and bang for your buck you have come to the right place, so what kind of numbers are we looking at?

  • 87 CIO or CTO’s from leading enterprises
  • Over 700 C-Level executives from across the Asia Pacific
  • 1,300 MD’s, business owners, partners, founders, and executive leaders
  • Over 1,600 directors, VPs, and GMs
  • Over 1,000 IT and business technology specialists

If you are in a technology focused business, especially B2B, and cant find who or what you are looking for here then you are going to be hard to please.