How’s Business

Everyone needs a ‘mate you can trust’ – especially if you run your own small business and don’t always have support around.

We got some Reckon customers together to give each other tips about running a successful small business, help each other set goals and become each other’s mentors.


Laura & Leonie

Make-up artist Laura is pragmatic and knows her accounting, while her friend Leonie, a candle maker, is more creative and struggles with admin.

Together they share their best tips and find out how their different styles can help support each other’s small business.


Allen & Shaz

Shaz runs a whole foods store and manages her own charity, while Allen owns a violin sales and repairs business.

They come from different generations, but together they share tips on how to use social media and accounting software.


Janie & Andrew

While bees and flowers have a symbiotic relationship,  Janie and Andrew share a unique approach to running their floristry and beekeeping businesses.

They talk about the inspiration for starting their businesses and share tips and advice on running their businesses.

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8 business lessons

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The lessons learnt during Covid-19

The pandemic has been tumultuous for many, but here are the genuine positives some Reckon customers experienced because of forced change.

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Is social media marketing a no-brainer for small businesses?

It’s so important to pick the right social media channels for your brand and industry. Reckon customers told us what works for them.

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