The lessons our customers learnt during Covid-19

The pandemic has been tumultuous for many, but there were some clear benefits for a lot of Reckon customers. Here are the genuine positives they experienced because of being forced into change.

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When we look at the fallout of the pandemic, we may end up looking back on those tumultuous times differently to how we felt at the time. Some have seen it as an opportunity – either taken or missed – rather than a threat to our lives and businesses.

While it was uncomfortable, unsettling and scary at times, it forced people into change – and as Reckon customers told us, for them, much of that change was good.

Care in the community

“It’s definitely been the most interesting and heart-warming year,” says Nuala, a cafe owner in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

“We are so lucky that we’re in Newport. People might think that was a bad location because we got locked down [over Christmas], but it’s been a blessing to us – our community has pulled us through as a business. And we’re thriving.”

“It was the last week of March when the [first] lockdown happened… I was working from 5am and seeing people who would typically come in and they weren’t wearing their work clothes. They weren’t going into the city, but they were still up early because that was their routine,” Nuala remembers.

“People were really stressed, really worried. I said to my husband, ‘What can we do?’ So straightaway we put up our chalkboard outside. saying, ‘Have you lost your job? Free coffee for you. Come in and say, Aloha’ – my husband’s from Hawaii. The spirit of Aloha is about giving, it’s about making you feel connected,” she continues.

“It really touched people – like we’ve never seen before.” 

Become comfortable with the uncomfortable

For Karen, who runs an interpretation business, it was all about becoming content with not knowing what was next.

“There were so many unknowns back in March and April of 2020 that were kind of scary for business,” she recalls. “It was so uncomfortable during those times, and yet sitting with that and knowing that things are just going to get better, was a lesson.

“Being calm and being comfortable with the uncomfortable… that’s one of the lessons that I learnt last year – that I can make it through.”

Think outside the box

For Peter, who is a business coach, thinking outside the box was something he encourages his clients to do anyway. But sometimes change only comes when the pain of not changing becomes too great.

“I’ve seen so many good things come out of the last year,” says Peter, “and it’s because people were stuck in these habits. All of a sudden, when COVID hit they had to think outside the square.

“They started asking, ‘What am I going to do now?’ They should have been thinking like that all the time,” he continues, “but they weren’t because they were stuck in their rut.”

Home is so important

Tanya already looks back on the period as one she’ll remember fondly. A busy consultant in the area of Indigenous land rights, she got to spend more time at home with her family for a change.

“I’m a bit of an introvert,” Tanya says, “so I’ve actually loved being at home… seeing what the girls do at school.

“I’ve loved being around them,” she continues. “I just think it’s been a really special time – having that time together – that we will probably never experience again.

“As bad as it has been for some people – and I know some people have really struggled – for us, it’s just been, well, let’s get on with it and we’ll be fine.”

Just enjoy the moment

Florist Janie Rose has also survived the year due to a positive outlook. Like Tanya, Karen and Nuala, her work has given her perspective alongside life’s challenges.

“Just try to enjoy the moment, and try to enjoy everything,” Janie says.

“Stop looking ahead so much to the end game, because I don’t think you ever really get there to be honest. I think it’s just a continual journey, so just enjoy it.

“Life is so short, and you don’t always realise that. You’ve got to make the most of every day.”

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