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Time For What Matters

Small business owners dedicate most of their day to running their businesses, sacrificing our most precious commodity – time.

We spoke to businesses around Australia to find out how they get time back and what they’re passionate about outside of work.

How can you get more time back in your week?

be your own boss

10 reasons to be your own boss

Running your own business has many perks! Reckon customers share the 10 best things about being your own boss.


How to maintain work-life balance

Work and life are less defined when you run a business. Our customers share their tips to maintain work-life balance.

technology tips

Technology tips to make accounting easier

From beekeepers to violin salesmen, our customers share how technology makes accounting simpler and easier.

8 business lessons

8 things business owners wish they’d known earlier

Our customers share their biggest lessons, and what they’d do differently if they had their time again. 

save time running your business

How to save time running your business

Time is a priceless commodity for people who are running their own business. Read these tips to get time back!

Don't go it alone

Why you shouldn't do everything alone

Reckon customers share their insights on outsourcing tasks that don’t play to their core strengths. 

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