2022 Federal Budget Update

Understand the key takeaways from the 2022 federal budget and how it will affect your business.

What is the budget?

The Australian federal budget is prepared by the Treasurer and presented to Parliament. The budget outlines the proposed revenue and spending of the Australian Government for the upcoming financial year. The federal budget is also a political statement of the government’s intentions and priorities for the upcoming financial year and beyond.

The majority of government revenue comes from income & company tax, sales tax (GST) and interest and dividends. The government needs this revenue to pay for the public goods and services it provides including education, health, defense, infrastructure, welfare and much more.

The small business budget wish list

What did the October 2022 budget deliver?

From digitisation to energy efficiency, here are the 8 key takeaways from the latest budget announcement that may affect you and your business.

The latest resources to help you manage the budget

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