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How To Set Up A Customer Loyalty Program


I recently received a request from Casino Toys Pools Music to put together a guide for setting up a Customer Loyalty Program using our Reckon Point-of-Sale software – I thought this was such a great idea that I’ve decided to write a blog about it!
There are various reasons why using a Customer Loyalty Program is great for your business.

After working within the Retail Industry for nearly 10 years I’ve experienced first-hand all the benefits of using a loyalty program. Based on my personal experience, customers with a loyalty card for a retail business would spend at least 10% more every transaction and will shop with you at least once per week (rather than every once in a while).

Building strong relationships with your customers

Using Customer Loyalty Programs are a great way to build genuine relationships with your customers which in turn encourages them to remain loyal not only to your business, but to your staff as well.

Have you ever walked into a cafe to be personally greeted by your favourite barista who knows exactly what you want to order?

That’s what it’s like at my favourite cafe and it makes me feel VERY special and appreciated. So much so that I can’t bring myself to drink coffee anywhere else – not only because of the customer service I receive but also because I know I won’t get a stamp on my loyalty card!

Are you ready to set up your own loyalty program?

Before you can set up your Customer Loyalty Program in Reckon Point-of-Sale software (professional and enterprise versions) it’s important that you decide what information you’d like to have on the cards themselves. Here are some examples of what you can include:

• Company Name
• Customer Name
• Customer Number
• Barcode Number
• Date Joined

When you have decided what information you’d like to include you can go ahead and enter that information into your Reckon Accounts business software by doing the following:

• Open the Customer Centre
• Double click on the relevant customer
• Click into the ‘Additional Info’ tab and fill in the appropriate fields

Note: You will need to do this for each of your customers!

Once you’ve finished adding your customer’s details you’ll need to transfer the ‘Customer’s Data’ from your Reckon Accounts business software to your Reckon Point-of-Sale software:

• Open Point of Sale Administrator
• Select the ‘Transfer’ icon located on the top toolbar
• Press the ‘Select All’ button and click next
(the system will now automatically transfer the customer’s details into POS)

Now that your customer’s data has been transferred into POS you then need to activate the Customer Loyalty feature:

• Click on the Options icon located on the top toolbar
• Click into the Customer Loyalty tab
• Tick Activate Loyalty Program and;
• Tick both the Print Loyalty Number and Print Loyalty Balance checkboxes.

Fill in the rest of the information in the Customer Loyalty tab (Dollar to Points ratio, Redemption Ratio, Loyalty Number etc). When you’re done, click Apply and OK. Your system is now set up to use the Customer Loyalty Program!

Now we need to give your customers their personal Loyalty Number and an opening point’s balance. It’s really easy:

• Click the ‘Customers’ button on the top toolbar,
• Highlight the customer in the list
• Select the Loyalty button on the right hand side

Fill in the details that pop up on your screen and click OK (you’ll need to do this for each of your customers).

Now your Customer Loyalty Program is set up, what’s next?

It’s time to design your loyalty card! This is my favourite part about setting up Customer Loyalty Programs because it allows you to express yourself and your business in a really creative way!

• Click the Labels button on the right hand side
• Click the New button towards the bottom of the window
• Give your Customer Loyalty Program a name (be creative – for example a cafe could call it Coffee Addict!)

In the first tab (Format) you have the option to change the dimensions of the card itself, though for simplicity, I personally like to use the default settings.

The next tab (Layout) has a components section down the bottom which is where you select what information will be displayed on the Loyalty Cards (this is the information we discussed earlier on).

You also have the option to add an image or two (or three!) or your own personal text. This can be a little tricky the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple – here’s what to do:

To add an image

• Click the little camera button to the right of the components section
• Make sure ‘Picture 1’ has a tick next to it and is highlighted
• Click the ‘Picture’ button on the right hand side of the components section
• Select an image from your computer and click open

 You can resize and drag the image anywhere you want to on your Loyalty Card by dragging and using the resize tools within the preview window.

To add personal text

• Click the little T button to the right of the components section
• Make sure that ‘Text 1’ has a tick next to it and is highlighted
•  Click the ‘Text’ button on the right hand side of the components section
• Type in the text you want to display on the cards (for example a company quote or slogan)
• Click the font button to the right of the text window to change the font, size and colour

Note:  You can drag the text box anywhere you want to on your Loyalty Card by clicking and dragging it within the preview window.

Once you are happy with your design and layout changes click OK and the window will close.

All you need to do now is print out your Customer Loyalty cards by clicking on the Print button on the right hand side of the Print Customer Labels window and you’re done! There are 3 ways to print your Customer Loyalty Cards:

• Selected Customer (which is a single highlighted customer in your Customer List)
• Marked Customers (to mark specific customers right click their name in your Customer List and select ‘Mark’)
• Range of Customers (use this option to print Loyalty Cards for ALL customers by starting with the first customer in your Customer List and ending with the last customer)

Of course, before you print out your customer’s loyalty cards you need to sign them up first – so don’t forget to tell your customers about your new Customer Loyalty Program and how it is going to benefit them.

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