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7 Free online resources for small businesses


Planning for the year ahead? It’s the start of a new financial year and a great time to start planning.

We’ve listed our top seven free resources for small business to help with business planning, getting more out of the year ahead and simply getting some extra help.– This website offers some very easy to use business planning templates for small business, and theyíre accessible on multiple devices.

2. The ATO– Our tax office is full of resources for businesses of any size and accounting professionals.

3. Small business publications – There are numerous small business publications that offer resources for small businesses. Without naming everyone, here are some of note:

4. Social media – We think across the spectrum of social media, Twitter offers the easiest way to get up-to-date info from a range of sources as it aggregates content for you. Just follow handles such as the @ATO_gov_au@Business_gov_au or @BIT_AU to get started and youíll see how the latest information is provided to you, Facebook is much the same with less frequency.

5. State Government websites – Each state government offers varied resources that can help navigate different business issues that are state related. Here are the sites for each state that you could bookmark:

6. Forums – While there are quite a few forums for small businesses in Australia we think Flying Solo is one the most useful and vibrant. This site is definitely for those who have really small businesses but thereís a whole host of articles that could be useful to any size business published on the site.

7. Reckon forums – We canít forget to mention our own online forums where alongside our customers and partners we often share tips and participate in discussions. Youíll find Reckon on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and now Google+.

Can you add to our list? Do you listen to any great podcasts you find useful? Share with us where you seek valuable advice.

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