“Reckon One does a great job of putting everyday tasks front and centre: 4/5” – PC World


“Every option or command is only a click or two away from the main screen” – PC World

The Brag

Ok, every now and then some shameless self-promotion is in order. We offer no apology.  When your flagship cloud accounting solution gets a glowing review from PC World, even as it’s being continually improved, what are you to do? Plug it. Plug it hard.

PC World recently reviewed Reckon One alongside its peers in a side-by-side product review. The results were extremely positive with Reckon One scoring a 4/5.

Everyday tasks such as creating invoices, receiving payments, tracking account balances and outstanding payments were very straightforward. If you’ve used any accounting software before, you’ll find the interface quite intuitive.

Merely a warmup

The outcomes are even more encouraging when you realise that Reckon One is only just getting started.

Already a top tier cloud solution in its own right, Reckon One is in the midst of a continual roadmap of feature addition and UX improvement, with $3 payroll for unlimited employees coming in as recent milestone and countless more in the pipeline. The only way is up.

However, ranking in the top band of a user review is only one part of the equation. How about value?

Value is king

When confronted with a buying decision, consumers face a balancing act of features vs. price.

This is where Reckon One truly shines. Reckon One is far and away the most affordable of them all. In fact, many provider’s price brackets begin where Reckon’s end. That’s no small detail.

With value being an equation of features over price, Reckon easily heads the pack as the best value for money, premium solution in the Australian market.