Reckon has unveiled a meaningful new update to its flagship small business accounting software, Reckon One. This is no simple reskin, this is a comprehensive redesign and User Experience upgrade, targeted at creating an even more intuitive interface, accelerated workflows and even simpler navigation.

Online accounting software exists to make your life easier. Let’s take that a step further with an ever increasing user experience that will be crafted around your feedback and the most popular ways people interact with the software in the real world.

The move brings improved navigation and simplified access to frequently used functions, as well as better reach to third-party advisors.

In addition, Reckon has also added new features to billing, sharing and notifications that will make managing Reckon One even easier.

“At Reckon, we are 100% committed to supporting small businesses as they look to sustain and further scale their operations in this increasingly competitive global economy,” says Sam Allert.

“The continuous innovation and development of our products lie at the heart of this promise.”

“We know our customers want simple, intuitive and tailored experience across any application, and our latest redesign is very much driven by this fact.

“We’re excited to release this major update, which we believe will provide a much better user experience for small businesses, by making it easier for them to manage their books, profile and settings,” he adds.

Let’s take a look at the key changes:

  • Updated design – Access settings quickly in the vertical navigation menu rather than via the control panel.
  • Billing – Easily modify the modules in your book, edit billing information and download your invoices straight from the portal.
  • Notifications – Get notifications inside the portal for product releases, when you share a book or when someone shares a book with you.
  • Link a book – Link your book to your Reckon advisor straight from the portal via the settings icon on your book. Simply enter their partner ID, select their name and you’re ready to go!
  • Adding users – You can now easily add users and give them access to your Reckon One book.
  • Get professional help – Search for a certified Reckon Advisor straight from the portal with a direct link to the advisor directory page.

Check out the new Reckon One here.