We’re getting closer to the launch of our new cloud accounting solution, Reckon One. Our beta program has started.
After putting in a lot of blood, sweat and tears (ok not tears) into the development of Reckon One, we’re now handing it over to you to put the program under the micro-scope, to see how it works for your business and push the solution to the limit!

Sign up to be a beta tester

Over 1600 people have already signed up to be Reckon One beta users! If you’re keen to join in you can sign up via the Reckon One website.

This group of people will be critical to making Reckon One ready for launch. We want as many people from as many different industries as possible to try out the program.

Access to the beta version of Reckon One

Not everybody who has signed up to the Reckon One beta program will have access right away, in fact we’ve already started off our testing with a small group of people.

Feedback from the initial group of testers has gone back to our development team, they are making these changes and then we’ll invite more people to test the software and so on.

So if you’ve signed up via the Reckon One website you can expect to get an alert from us giving you access to the program in the weeks ahead.

We ask that you be patient with us through this process, the feedback from our beta testers will help determine how long this process lasts. We want our testers find any bugs that we haven’t found already and suggest enhancements to the program that will make Reckon One even better.

A cloud accounting solution the way it should be

If you’re not familiar with Reckon One, take a look at the new website (www.reckonone.com.au). This modular cloud accounting solution has a design and pricing model unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. We look forward to sharing more with you about this exciting new product.