Just a few short years ago, chances are if you asked someone outside the tech world what an API was they would give you a puzzling look and generally have no idea. However that’s changed, the API systems of the world are empowering applications to talk to each other in ways not seen before, and the recent explosion of cloud systems (including accounting) has led to this. Chances are that you used a computer in the last decade or so, you at some point have interacted with an API without knowing it. How does for example Instagram connect to Facebook on your phone? Through an API. They are the building blocks of the 21st century, and I am happy to announce that both our Reckon One and Reckon Accounts Hosted cloud systems now have API connections available, making it easier than ever for third party developers to work with our accounting systems.

Hold on a minute, I still don’t get what an API does?


An API is basically a modern technology version of the above. Before technology replaced them, people worked in telephone exchanges connecting people through phone ports. This established telephone calls between subscribers or other exchanges.

Using the above example let’s consider that we have Application A and Application B. In this case, Application A would call the exchange and request to be able to talk to Application B. The telephone exchange would then provide the connection and authorise the call. In the year 2016, an API is basically a modern version of a telephone exchange.

A developer may have an invoicing application that wants to post journal transactions to Reckon One as an example. That developer needs to be able to connect their account data object to the one within Reckon One, and that’s exactly what the API does making it very easy for applications from numerous companies to talk to each other.

But I’m not a developer, does this still affect me?

Absolutely. This will allow you to connect other applications into Reckon One and Reckon Accounts Hosted, expanding their functionality significantly. For example in the future you will be able to integrate electronic stores directly into these accounting systems, removing the need for double entry and ensuring that as an example, your item list is up to date in both areas.

As well as this, it can lead to many business efficiencies. There is no doubt that in today’s technological age, there is more and more pressure to make processes efficient and APIs are a key part of this. They have somewhat fuelled the startup boom of the current decade and are no doubt going to become used even more and more as years go on. There is not many internet focused companies around in 2016 that do not have an API system.

I’m a developer, how do I get involved?

The first step is to visit our Reckon API Developer page.

You will find a basic overview of the API program that we have and also have the ability to apply. Once you are approved as an API partner you will be sent documentation and provided technical information about how the API systems work. Once you have completed your integration let us know and we will be happy to tell the world and work with you to help promote the application to our user base.

Reckon One is a fast growing cloud accounting system with huge opportunities for integration and uses industry standard technologies for its API system. We have had developers that have gone from zero integration to a full beta version ready for testing in two working days.

If you are already working with the Reckon Accounts Desktop platform, transitioning to the Reckon Accounts Hosted platform could be your next step. Utilising much of the same technology as the Desktop API (meaning a lot of your code can be re-used), the Reckon Accounts Hosted API lets you plug into the powerhouse Reckon Accounts Hosted system and its vast feature set.

And once you have completed your integration get in touch. You can appear as a developer on our upcoming marketplace, and also potentially gain access to Reckon users via methods such as our newsletters and events.

I’m not a developer but there is a third party that I want to work with Reckon

If you are a Reckon user and have found an awesome app you would like to work with us, get in touch (reckonapi@reckon.com) and we will do our very best to make it happen. In addition to this, you can get in touch directly with the third party developer and talk to them about integrating with Reckon. You never know it may already be on their roadmap. We are actively targeting developers globally to join our API ecosystem.

* * * *