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Best Aussie tweeters for start-ups


We love Twitter at Reckon. In many ways it’s become one of the quickest way to get across industry news, trending topics and get a feel for sentiment. But Twitter is constant. Who you follow is important.

Our top 10

A lot of our customers are just starting out in business. So, to help them get more out of tool like Twitter we’ve listed who we think are the top 10 best Aussie tweeters for start up businesses right now. These are not in any particular order – feel free to let us know who you’d add to the list.

  1. @ReadySetStartup – Susan Jones has a very big following on Twitter. Her ideas are practical and simple. Just take a browse through her latest tweets and you’ll quickly get a feel for some key trends and challenges with the start-up space.
  2. @MarkMiddo – Mark Middo is the author of 5 Minute Business (which you can get a free sample of on his website by the way). A lot of his tweets are really great for getting the most out of your marketing, he also shares a lot of fun and interesting pieces, including this blog post on what you can learn from the Wolf of Wall Street (don’t worry it’s clean).
  3. @RyanWardell87 – We recently published some of Ryan growth hacking tips for start-ups, he got lots of great ideas that are incredibly practical. His Twitter profile is a great way to find out when he publishes a new blog post, such as this one on influencer outreach.
  4. @BlueChilliGroup –  Blue Chilli is all about helping with the marketing of online businesses. Their Twitter feed is filled with lots of news for start-up business and news of their next big events.
  5. @ValerieKhoo – You can expect to find great stories of business success in Valerie’s Twitter feed. She also shares great tips for getting noticed online.
  6. @PushStart – Push Start runs events for early stage tech start ups. Their twitter feed will keep you up to date with upcoming events, as well as important announcements.
  7. @StartupSmartNow – Start Up Smart shares news, views and tips regularly. You’ll find lots of great advice written by industry experts.
  8. @FlyingSoloAU – If you’re going it alone with your start-up venture you’ll find one of the most supporting and thriving communities of like-minded professionals through Flying Solo. Follow tweets to stay on top of what’s new on their website, get news about events and learn.
  9. citypublicity – Peta Ellis is the person behind City Publicity which shows great support for Australia’s start-up community. Peta not only shares news and stories but news about real business opportunities followers could take advantage of.
  10. @MightyLStartups – Mark Patchett is behind these tweets that are consistent and filled with inspiration. He encourages goodness and also writes an interesting blog, take a look at his piece on giving back. We love what Mark says on his website about entrepreneurs, “It’s never about the biggest, most popular, or expensive, but instead, it’s about the solutions that yield the best results.” His goal is bring together valuable learning and experiences that help start-ups “bypass cyber junk” – cool.

Our lists of top tweeters for accountants and for SME’s coming soon.

Let us know who you think start-ups should follow on Twitter below.

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