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9 small business ideas that will actually make you money

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Many would-be small business owners have a very focused idea of what they want to do. They have a specific passion and a high-resolution vision. Others may not be necessarily so purposeful, and perhaps have many competing talents and more of a raw drive to be one own’s boss.

So if you are enamoured with the idea of starting your own business and are not too sure of your business model or pursuit just yet, take some tips from us. These are all fantastic ideas for small business beginners due to low barriers to entry, good earning potential and the all-important ease of setup.

Money making ideas

So what are the best small business ideas to fill the piggy bank?

1. Virtual assistant

This one is quite an interesting business idea and becoming quite popular with companies who do not want to hire full time administration staff. By setting up at home and attracting a few clients, this can be a real money spinner with little effort or setup. If you have had experience working on reception or other admin tasks, this is a great way to capitalise on your experience.

2. Catering

Another great business idea that can be run from home if your kitchen is well equipped and you have the skills to match. By finding a culinary niche, gaining some clients and focusing on quality items and impeccable service, you can easily succeed here. As a bonus, you only need to hire people on a casual basis when necessary, such as with waiters or kitchen help, meaning you have a low investment business on your hands.

3. Website design

A fantastic home-based business with a low cost of entry and high earning potential. Firstly you will need a few web design skills, but you would be surprised at the ease of educating yourself these days. With almost every business on earth requiring a website, the market is huge and will only grow.

4. Freelance writing

An oldie but a goodie. If you have a talent for words and especially if you have experience and education in this area, you can do quite well with this offering. With very easy and today’s easily accessible blogs and websites, you can take yourself on the road with a mere laptop and never look back. With today’s SEO needs and the increasing value in original content, writing is really becoming profitable again especially if you nab a few good business clients.

5. Tutoring

If you have a respectable accumulation of tertiary education and the degrees to match, you could be very well placed to extract a very healthy living from a tutoring business. When imparting your hard-won knowledge to those younger or less educated than yourself, you can do so through a home-based business, a ‘door to door’ model or an online structure. Even teaching basic English can be a very lucrative pursuit if your skills lie elsewhere.

6. Business consulting

If you have weighty experience in professional services and have a sought-after skillset, you may be in a position to profit from consulting. Many businesses are willing to invest a significant chunk of capital on acquiring specific knowledge and advice. Capitalise on this.

7. Graphic design work

Logos, artwork, website imagery, infographics, video clips etc… every business at some stage will need something from this list. If you are creative with graphic design skills or qualifications, you can quite easily create a very profitable business from them.

8. Pet services

There are an estimated 24 million pets in Australia, meaning there are almost as many household animals as there are people! Does this give you a business idea? Think grooming, dog walking, kennelling or even breeding. There are a myriad of low cost and highly profitable services you can offer relating to the gigantic pet industry.

9. Removals

By owning a van or truck you can branch out into providing a wide variety of profitable services to those needing delivery or removal solutions. By finding a niche within the industry you can make a great living helping people move furniture, deliver goods or by acting as a courier.

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