By Dan Barrett

5 Informative Lectures On How To Start A Small Business


When starting your own small business, it is important to hear from people with experience. Their advice can better position you for success, with insights and inspiration to be drawn upon. There are regularly public speaking events (in the real world and online) that provide access to this advice. We have pooled together some of the more interesting public talks we’ve watched this month, with speakers offering observations and their own wisdom on how to get started with your small business.
Start Your Own Business Today – What is It Like To Start and Run A Business
Peter Baskerville has been involved with starting 13 different businesses over a 20 year period. Now at Queensland TAFE, he is working with prospective small business owners on how to get their business up and running. This video, ‘Start Your Own Business Today – What is It Like To Start and Run A Business’, is the first in a series of 21 videos offering his own experience to entrepreneurs who are getting started.

2014 QUT Business – The creation process: What works and doesn’t work for Australian start-ups?
Presented by Professor Per Davidsson, Director, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, and Dr Scott Gordon, Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research, this seminar reports some main findings from the Comprehensive Australian Study of Entrepreneurial Emergence – the largest study of business start-ups ever undertaken in Australia.

Understanding the Maze of Government Grants for Small Business
Michael Kadoury, Principal of firm KWS Advisory explains how with proper structures and procedures in place for your business, applying for a business grant can make the entire process less difficult, complimenting the development and growth of your small business with further grants.

How To Successfully Launch A Crowdfunding Campaign

In launching a successful crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to select the platform best suited towards your business and to embrace the distinct possibilities that exist on various crowdfunding platforms. Here Steve Strauss, Senior Small Business Columnist with USA Today, is joined by a panel of experts to talk about successfully launching a crowdfunding campaign. The panel includes: Justin Renfro (Kiva Zip), Erica Dorn (Financial Strategist at Bernoulli Finance), Lloyd Cambridge (NYC Business Solutions), and Jeff Bekiares (SparkMarket).

City of Sydney: Small Business 101 – So You Want To Start A Small Business?
This ongoing series of seminars offered by the City of Sydney provides small business owners with the tools needed to operate a successful small business. This video is a recording of the first seminar in March, which kicks off the series with an introduction to starting a small business.

  • Jo Kelly – Facilitator
  • Richard Roberts – business advisor finegrain, City of Sydney
  • Michael Rantissi – owner, Kepos Street Kitchen
  • Lisa Penson – startup mentor, Clearly Business
  • Luke Heard – director, PKF Lawler Consulting Novata Capital
  • Adrian McKeown – planner, City of Sydney
  • Jonathan Boys – sustainability programs officer, City of Sydney

The video can be viewed HERE.

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