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Manage a side business without missing a beat

Paddi Roberts has managed to find a balance. She has found a painless way to pursue both her vision as a freelance dance teacher and her fulltime career as a psychologist.

All while maintaining an active social life. As a sole trader with a full-time career, time was of the essence. Ease was even better.

With Paddi’s various sources of income and her psychology business dealing with a range of suppliers, it was time consuming to keep track of it all. Paddi needed software she could trust to manage her finances well.

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“I don’t have to worry about the accounting.”

– Paddi Roberts, psychologist and dance teacher


Running a side business without derailing my social life and full-time work

Paddi developed a love for dance in her youth, back in the 60’s. After excelling in ballet, her competence and dedication was unquestionable. It was an experience that never left her, yet it became a dormant part of Paddi’s life as she grew into her career as a psychologist.

‘With my dancing… I had to leave that when I became a psychologist.”

Paddi’s passion to start a side hustle as a dance instructor was stoked many years later, after being re-introduced to dance once more.

But Paddi had a full-time job and precious time to spare. With a busy career and a social life to manage, how did she intend on tackling accounting tasks as painlessly as possible?

With no intention of sacrificing other valuable avenues of her life, an ideal solution was necessary.

Create a side hustle as painlessly as possible

Success with Reckon One

Loathe to be seated at her dining table, compiling receipts and poring over transactions and GST concerns, a major sticking point for Paddi was leaving time to engage with her other passions.

To manage the task of having a side business, a cloud-based and mobile solution was essential.

As an accounting solution capable of being operated in the minutes between full-time work, Reckon One was ideal. 

It was something easily tackled on a coffee break from Paddi’s primary workplace as a psychologist.

‘The online factor is definitely an advantage’

Freed from her accounting worries, she now has more time to enjoy the outdoors, pursue other dormant goals and create a true work/life balance.

“I may pick up tennis again.”