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Simple and compliant accounting software for the real estate industry

Gary Angel took the plunge and backed himself when he decided to start up his own home-based real estate business in Perth, by becoming a director and licensee of House Proud Realty.

As any small business owner knows, the initial phase of business ownership can be fraught with instability while operations ramp up and the cash starts to flow.

For Gary, he was fortunate to have Eithne, his supportive partner and wife of 33 years to have his back.

“My wife Eithne earns the income that supports us and pays our house mortgage while the business is in the establishment phase and building up to full profitability. She also produces leads from her network of friends and work colleagues, and this is very helpful in generating new business for the company.”

To cut down on costs and stay compliant with local work from home laws, Gary works with partners and associations remotely from across the globe – even his bookkeeper is based in Pakistan.

“The first audit of my real estate trust account was plain sailing”

– Gary Angel, House Proud Realty.


Work with business partners across the globe while remaining compliant

With a new business on his hands, and his work cut out for him, Gary needed to not only ramp up business operations and begin filling up his client funnel, he also needed to balance the wonderful home life he’d created with his wife.

“If Eithne didn’t support what I do then I would not be running a small business. I love running the business and as it is a work-from-home business, I get to be at home to make the dinner and haver her well-fed when she gets home from work. So personally, and professionally we’re a good team.”

However, Gary needed to also pay attention to bookkeeping, keeping costs low, filing BAS statements, and ensuring his business was compliant with the ATO.

To manage his books, Gary decided to hire a remote bookkeeper from Pakistan who needed to be able to access his Reckon One books from the other side of the world. To facilitate this, Gary needed a cloud accounting solution.

My bookkeeper is based in Pakistan using Reckon One software remotely

Success with Reckon One

To work with his remote bookkeeper, file BAS, and perform essential bookkeeping for his sole trader business, Gary landed on Reckon One. The added bonus was the exceptional value Reckon offered over similar competitors.
“The first audit of my real estate trust account was plain sailing – all of the records in Reckon One were easily accessible whenever the auditor needed certain financial information – it was a clean bill of health.”

“The software works well, my data is always reliably available from the cloud, making BAS and tax returns very simple.”

– Gary Angel, House Proud Realty.

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About House Proud Realty

Gary is a self-employed director and licensee of House Proud Realty in Perth.

Gary projects a friendly, relaxed persona but backs it up with exceptional real estate knowledge, negotiating skill and people skills. Gary has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree in City Policy from Murdoch University.

When he’s not writing contracts or showing homes, Gary can be seen exercising his Portuguese Water Dog, Murphy; boating on the river in his handcrafted wooden boat; watching AFL; or fancying himself as a sourdough baker.