Accounting software you can use on the job.

Self-employed plumber Jason Chivers has been running his own business, Jaycee plumbing and gas fitting, for over a year. He often finds himself working twelve to fourteen-hour days before having to go home and do the books.

This had no future. Jason needed a way to manage his business on-the-go and save himself time and stress.

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“With Reckon One, when I leave the job’s done, wrapped, finished, invoiced, and I’m out of there, on to the next job, making money again”.

– Jason Chivers, Jaycee Plumbing & Gasfitting


Getting his books done while on the job

Jason has put his full weight behind his plumbing and gas fitting business and he certainly knows what hard work looks like. To keep his business healthy and profitable, long hours are the norm and there’s precious little time to waste.

“You never stop.”

Yet running a business is not just about your passion for work and executing the tasks you are skilled in. It also involves potentially tedious yet necessary accounting and invoicing. The aim of the game, of course, is to minimise this bookkeeping as drastically as possible, leaving more time for clients and personal life.

Spending excessive time on the books and not the tools is a clear barrier to not only success, but also a healthy work/life balance.

“You have a 12-14 hour day then you’ve got to go home and hit the books? It’s just too much.”

Not only is getting onto the next job on top of Jason’s priority list, but also his desire to have enough time to play football.

“I want to be spending more time doing the things that I love doing rather than the things that I have to be doing. Having the time to be able to go to football training and keep fit is paramount for me.”

Nail your invoicing before you even leave the job site

Success with Reckon One

The perfect solution for Jason? Cloud based accounting software that is mobile native.

When Jason is on the job, he is invariably mobile. He drives his van to a client, completes the work and is back on the road again heading to a new client.

Jason found that with Reckon One, he could knock over tasks like invoices immediately upon completing a job, while still on site.

“I finish a job, then I’m back in the van, on the iPad, sending an invoice”

The ability for Jason to immediately invoice a client and quickly check his cashflow and other financial reports is a game changer. Being able to bundle work with bookkeeping and then immediately move on to the next client is paramount to seamless work and freeing up time.

“The job’s done, wrapped, finished, invoiced and I’ll come out of it on to the next job making money again.”

By the time Jason gets home, his invoicing is already done and he has all the time in the world for friends, football and family.

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