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We take your data security as seriously as you do

Your small business relies on us keeping your financial information stored safely. That’s why we dedicate entire teams to safeguard your data and protect your privacy.

We backup your data so you don't have to

We automatically take snapshots of our databases hourly and daily, storing these in multiple secure locations.

Encrypted data, securely stored

Using AES-256 bit encryption for data transmission, and multiple layers of firewalls, all your data in Reckon One is protected by the highest levels of security.

We're committed to protecting your personal information

We take your privacy seriously and don’t share your personal or financial information unless you give us permission. Even if you want help from us, we’ll ask for permission first before looking at your account. View our privacy policy for full disclose of our privacy practices.

Your data is available when you need it

Your data is replicated between multiple data centres in different “Availability Zones”. Even if one data centre goes down, Reckon One will likely continue running and be accessible to you.

You control who sees what

Reckon’s market leading user control systems are fully customisable with multiple permission levels. Whether you work for yourself or manage a large team, you get to make the rules on who gets access to your information.

Everything is traceable

Reckon One automatically creates change logs. This means you have complete visibility over anyone who creates or modifies your data, which helps protect your business from fraud.

See how Reckon One can work for your business.

“Reckon One has been a complete game changer for my business.”

— Stephanie Luck, Bookkeeper and BAS agent

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Online accounting software that scales with your business and keeps your data safe. We’ve got you.

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“Reckon One is not only a pleasure to use, it is the best investment my small business has made thus far. Consistently saves me 10 hours per week in bookkeeping time.”

— Ken Morrison, The Celtic Bakery

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