Self-employed plumber Jason Chivers uses Reckon One to send online invoices to get paid faster

Accounting software that moves with you and saves you time

Self-employed plumber Jason Chivers has been running his own business for over a year, often working twelve to fourteen-hour days then having to go home and do the books. He needed a way to manage his business on-the-go and save himself time and stress.

Online or cloud-based accounting software such as Reckon One has allowed Jason to instantly invoice his customers after completing a job. His accounting software runs via his iPad and helps him create professional looking invoices with 100 per cent accuracy. With the job wrapped up, he can then move on to the next job. The time he has saved gives him more time to play football with his mates and pursue other leisure interests.

Watch Jason’s success story below:

“I can invoice on the go… and it’s 100% accurate”

– Jason Chivers, Jaycee Plumbing & Gasfitting

“With Reckon One, when I leave the job’s done, wrapped, finished, invoiced, and I’m out of there, on to the next job, making money again”

– Jason Chivers, Jaycee Plumbing & Gasfitting

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