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Easy & affordable accounting software with features to run every aspect of your business

The accounting software basics

The basic features provide clarity on your small business’s income and expenses, GST, budgets & reports. See your cash flow and access real-time reporting.

Create & send unlimited invoices and bills

Get paid faster with our customisable online invoices with payment options. Track and manage paid and overdue invoices to boost your cash flow.

Reconcile bank transactions

Connect to your bank so transactions flow automatically into Reckon One. Makes it easy to keep track of the money coming in and out of your business.

Track time

Let your employees enter daily and weekly timesheets and mark time as billable so you can pass on the charges to your clients.

Manage employee expenses

Employees can submit and attach receipts to expense claim items for reimbursement. Mark expenses as billable so you can pass on the charges to your clients.

Manage projects and jobs

Track the profitability of your business per job, category or client. Identify where your business is making money and make strategic decisions.

Choose a plan that suits your business

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    For those just starting out

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  • Premium

    Acing it with the whole package

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Do all the basics (Core)

  • Enter payments and expenses
  • Track and Report GST
  • See cash flow in real-time
  • Create budgets
  • 20+ insightful reports
  • Share with accountant or bookkeeper

Create invoices and bills

  • Easily create,send and manage invoices and bills

Reconcile bank transactions

  • Automatically import bank transactions,then easily sort and reconcile
1000 Transactions*
1000 Transactions*

Track time

  • Create employee timesheets, bill time & generate pay runs from timesheet entries

Manage employee expenses

  • Track employee expenses and manage batch expense claims

Invite unlimited team members

Free mobile app
(iPhone/ Android)

Free,regular feature updates

Data stored in AWS secure servers

* Terms & Conditions apply:Transactions that exceed the 1000 limit will be subject to the BankData Fair Use Policy

Accounting software built for everyday small business owners like you, the non-accountant

Easy accounting.

Our software uniquely simplifies to your needs, so it’s easier to learn and use.

Powerful functionality, made beautiful.

Makes complex accounting tasks seem intuitively easy.

Save time, work faster.

Everything is a click away. Open multiple browser tabs for powerful navigation.

“Reckon One is not only a pleasure to use, it is the best investment my small business has made thus far. Consistently saves me 10 hours per week in bookkeeping time.”

— Ken Morrison, The Celtic Bakery

Popular features that will supercharge your growing small business.

Online accounting software that scales with your business, from very small, to large.
We’ve got you.

Accounting software with a free mobile app, and unlimited users.

Online accounting software that lets you take your small business out on the road.

Smarter invoices

Invoicing at the job means less debt – and faster payment!

Claim expenses

Your whole team can start claiming expenses from anywhere.

Track & charge your time

Accurately record and bill the time you spend on jobs.

World class, New Zealand based support

Our customers constantly rave about our exceptional support team.

I really like using Reckon. It is a very easy program to use and I have always had great help/service from the Reckon team

— Diana Mcdonald, Everton Excavations

Great conversion from Xero, good customer service and a much better price. Many thanks.

— Lindsay Forwood, Express Pest Control

Awesome, friendly help to solve my problem. Quick, efficient and very knowledgeable. Spoke respectfully to me even though I am not tech savvy.

— Carrie Evans, Excelso

There are a million reasons to love Reckon One.

Small businesses, it’s finally time to get excited about your online accounting software!

Bank-level security

Your data is encrypted, and protected with bank-level security.

Automatic backups & updates

Your data is safe, and you’re always on the latest, cutting-edge online accounting software.

Cancel at any time

Switch us off whenever you want. Your data is saved for 7 years.

Works on all devices

Our online accounting software runs on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Connect with an expert

Your accountant or bookkeeper can now help your small business in real-time.

Data stored in Australia

Your information is stored on local servers in Australasia.

31 Years

We’re a Listed Public Company with strong financials.

600,000+ Users

Have chosen Reckon to run their businesses

24/7 Support

Through our active online community. And toll-free phone support during business hours!

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of online accounting software?

An online accounting software like Reckon One gives you the flexibility and mobility to manage your finances from any device. Gain clarity over your business’s financial position, automate your accounting processes, get paid faster and more.

The latest version
Reckon One is automatically updated in the cloud. So you’ll always use the latest version without having to manually download compliance updates and features.

Cost effective
Reckon Cloud POS pricing works on a SaaS (software as service) pricing model. So you pay a low monthly fee instead of larger upfront payment for your software licence. It’s super affordable and you only pay for what you use.

Your data is safely stored in the cloud so you won’t be affected by theft or accidents to physical hardware. All data servers that have 24/7 security and several layers of encryption.

How does the pricing work for Reckon One?

Reckon One online accounting software is super affordable and starts from $5/month. Then only pay for the add-ons you need from $3/month including unlimited invoicing, automatic bank reconciliation, unlimited payroll and more. It’s also easy to set up and use. Check out our pricing >

Do you provide training or support on Reckon One?

You can access training for Reckon One on the Reckon Training Academy.

You can also get in touch with our network of partners for expert training and support in Reckon One online accounting software.

What industries use Reckon One accounting software?

Reckon One online accounting software is used by any businesses where customers purchase products or services and the business takes payments. Common industries that use Reckon One include:

Tradesmen love Reckon One online accounting software because it helps them track each job, manage estimates and stay on top of TPAR reporting. Typical businesses that use online accounting software include:

  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics
  • Electricians

The self-employed
The self-employed used Reckon One online accounting software to manage expenses, invoice clients and track payments. Typical self-employed businesses that use online accounting software include:

  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Writers
  • Musicians

This sector references any service that you receive rather than a good. These industries use online accounting software to keep track of their financial performance, track expenses, manage payroll and more. Typical service businesses that use online accounting software include:

  • Hairdressers
  • Nail salons
  • Sporting clubs
  • Non-profits
  • Housekeeping
  • Event management services
Why is Reckon One accounting software perfect for small businesses?

It’s common for businesses to go through peak and lull periods throughout the year. That’s why it’s important for business owners to have a flexible accounting software like Reckon One.

With Reckon One, you can customise the features to suit your business needs and only pay for what you need. Check out the features >

Is there a locked-in contract for Reckon One?

There is no locked-in contract for Reckon One online accounting software and you are billed monthly. You can also cancel anytime. Try free for 30 days.

How do I convert from another accounting software to Reckon One?

It’s easy and free to convert from another accounting software to Reckon One. Please visit our conversion page for more information.

How can Reckon One accounting software help me be compliant with the IRD?

Reckon One is automatically updated with the latest compliance changes, helping you remain compliant all year round.

You can also easily lodge your BAS and Single Touch Payroll reports directly to the IRD, saving you time. See how Reckon One can help you stay compliant with the IRD >

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