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More revenue streams. Happier clients. A dedicated partner team focused on your success.

All the support and resources you need

Our job at Reckon is to empower you to be our most effective ambassadors.

Attract new clients and revenue

Get listed on our Reckon advisors page, tap into our vast product range for great value add, and use next generation products like Reckon One to impress your clients.

Education, support and resources

Gear up with Reckon kits and logos,  get educated with webinars and online courses, get 24/7 support (and become a partner champion!) on our online community.

Your own private team

You’ll get your own dedicated partner relationship manager, a priority partner contact line, internal partner peer-to-peer network access, and more!

Free Partner program

Our Cloud Advisor partner program for our newest accounting software, Reckon One, is free! Get certified online, access how-to videos, or apply to join for free!

“I’ve been a Reckon Accredited Partner since 2008. Being affiliated with the program propelled my business forward and gave me the opportunity to help more business owners with their books.”

– Michelle Platell, Reckon Accredited Partner

Pick one of our terrific Partner programs

Accountant, bookkeeper or software consultant? We’ve got programs to suit your needs.


Cloud Advisor

Professional Partner

Accredited Consultant

 Membership Fee





Reckon One

Reckon Cloud POS

Reckon One

Reckon Accounts Business Range

Reckon Cloud POS

Point Of Sale

Reckon One

Reckon Accounts Business Range

Point Of Sale


Reckon One

Reckon Cloud POS

Better Clinics

20% commission on Reckon One, Reckon Cloud POS

For all other software: reseller pricing on new subscriptions

25% commission on Reckon One, 20% off Reckon Accounts Business Range

For all other software: reseller pricing on new subscriptions and 15% trailing commission on subscription renewals




Reckon One Certification*

Reckon One Certification*

Professional Partner


Free Sign Up


Sign Up ($549pa)


Sign Up ($1094pa)


*This is an online certification and includes a series of webinars and multiple choice assessments. New applicants can choose to complete their Reckon One Certification prior or after signing up as a Cloud Advisor.

Program Benefits

See how our partner programs can help you and your business.


Cloud Advisor

Professional Partner

Accredited Consultant

Dealer pricing/rebates on new products

Reckon One & Reckon Cloud POS only*

All products* 

All products* 

Discounts on training and certification courses


Complimentary Reckon products 

Reckon One

Reckon Cloud POS

Reckon One, 3x Accounts Hosted, Reckon Cloud POS, Desktop POS, Reckon Accounts Business & Personal Range

Reckon One, 3x Accounts Hosted, Reckon Cloud POS, Desktop POS, Reckon Accounts Business & Personal Range

Dedicated partner support team

Partner logo 

Exclusive partner portal access 

Monthly partner newsletters 

Free partner resource kit 

Access to free hands-on webinars and product training

Invitation to exclusive partner events 

Marketing tool kits inc. eDM templates, handouts and flyers 


Rewards program 


Annual partner awards 


Access to marketing subsidies


Dedicated Accredited Partner sessions


Opportunity to join an elite Reckon advisory group


A listing on our find a Reckon advisor page for client referrals


Cloud Advisor 

Professional Partner 

Accredited Consultant

 Free Sign UpSign Up ($549pa)Sign Up ($1094pa)

*Must have 5 active Reckon One Clients before commission is payable on Reckon One modules.

High performing partners may be invited to upgrade their partner program, which comes with extra benefits including exclusive access to additional Reckon resources, marketing assets, initiatives, rewards programs, awards, and more.

We work with you to help grow and improve your business

At Reckon, we understand how important our partner network is. That is why we are dedicated to collaborating and working together with our partners to help grow and improve their businesses.

Maximise your partner benefits

First, decide what’s important to you and your business. You can then leverage the training, product and marketing resources to get the most out of your partnership.

Training/Product Resources

As a partner, you will have exclusive access to a number of exclusive training and product resources.

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Products and Training

As a partner, you’ll receive information and training on Reckon products before they are released to the general public. This can help you learn about products and identify sales opportunities for new product releases. Reckon delivers training face to face, online and webinar training.

Internal-use Software

We want our partners to benefit from using our software, so we provide free internal-use licences as part of the partner program. Eligible partners will have access to the Reckon Accounts Edition software which provides accountants and bookkeepers with the ability to toggle between different versions of Reckon Accounts software. This makes it easy to help clients on different versions.

Training Material

Eligible partners interested in providing training can access packs which include course slides, evaluation forms, handouts, work books and more. These will help make your training course professional and consistent.


You will have numerous promotion/networking opportunities when you decide to partner with Reckon.

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Collaboration opportunities
Eligible partners are given the opportunity to collaborate with Reckon on joint marketing initiatives such as events and promotions. Reckon can provide assistance and support throughout any initiative such as help with invitation design, broadcast, catering and arranging a Reckon presenter.

Partner events
We sponsor various events, such as partner conferences, workshops, briefings, product launches, and focus groups. These can be on a regional or specialisation basis for eligible partners. Generally there is no fee to attend a partner-only event although certain events may be fee-based.

Partner directory
Eligible partners can list their partner services on our web-based partner directory. The partner directory helps your potential customers find out what services you provide and get in touch with you. You can update your own partner information at any time.

Marketing Resources

Get exclusive access to tools and resources to help you grow and improve your business.

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Partner portal
Partners receive exclusive access to the Reckon members website. The partner portal provides access to the range of benefits, materials and tools offered through their partner program participation. To access the Reckon members website, click here.

Partner logos
As part of the membership, partners receive the official Reckon partner logo which can be used on your organisation’s website, printed materials, and other publications. Logos and guidelines are available for download from the marketing tools section of the partner portal.

Marketing kit
Partners receive access to materials to help understand and market Reckon products and services to your customers. Depending on your partner type you will receive event and communication templates, flyers, side banners, signature, box shots, datasheets and much more.

Product Development

Have your say in how we can develop future products and improve current range.

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Beta program
Our product beta programs provide an opportunity for you to engage with us during the product development cycle. Partners provide technical feedback and evaluation of selected products and services prior to release. By offering pre-release input, partners help develop customer-driven solutions. Participation helps shape the direction of development for future product and services, thereby providing customers with the products and services they need.

Partner advisory board
Reckon Accredited Consultants have access to a partner advisory board established in 2006 which provides partners with a voice in our business decisions. With representatives from partner organisations from multiple regions and business types, the advisory board provides advice regarding our direction and activities.

Be Heard

Share your expertise and knowledge with the wider Reckon Community.

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Reckon blog
Partners are invited to contribute to the Reckon blog on a regular or ad-hoc basis. Sharing your insights or advice through the Reckon Blog will help establish you as a thought leader and further promote your business to our thousands of website visitors each week.

Reckon community
The Reckon Community is an exciting online forum where customers can search for answers, ask questions and help others. With thousands of customers connected every day, it is a great space to demonstrate your knowledge, build your reputation and thus gain business opportunities.

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