Accounting software perfect for non-profits

How can Reckon One non-profit accounting software help your business?

You’re not in it for the money, but when it comes to running your not-for-profit business keeping track of the money is critical. Whether it’s recording donations, calculating the profitability of fundraisers or reporting financial performance to stakeholders, Reckon One is the perfect non-profit accounting solution for your organisation. Our cloud based accounting software will help you stay up to date with your small business financial data and financial reporting from anywhere on the go, at anytime. Let us help you reach your best financial performance.

Track donations & fundraising

With Reckon One you can easily categorise and track all donations to your non-profit organisation making it simple for you to identify top donors and share donation data with key stakeholders.

Reckon One Projects is also the perfect tool to measure the profitability of fundraising initiatives allowing you to focus your time on the activities that work best for you.

“Don’t be deceived by the simple interface. Reckon One is extremely capable”

testimonial-icon Mark Butler, Executive Officer at Grafton Chamber of Commerce

Consistent profit accounting standards

Many non-profit organisations have a periodic rotation of staff in key roles such as Treasurer or President, and with every change comes a new approach to accounting.

Reckon One standardises accounting practices and ensures that new staff will handle your organisations books in the same way; and as an added bonus handing over the reins has never been easier with Reckons modern, user-friendly interface and navigation.

Effortless data migration

Are you still using Excel? Or an accounting system that wouldn’t look out of place on a PC running Windows 95? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Reckon data migration team can take your records from just about any legacy system and upload them to Reckon One for you, and best of all it’s entirely free.

Learn more about the data migration process here.

The right online accounting software for non-profit organisations.

For volunteer organisations with limited resources, managing accounting processes can often be a difficult challenge. This was the case for the Tokoroa Little Theatre, a New Zealand playhouse that produces and hosts community theatre productions.

Learn more about the Tokoroa Little Theatre’s journey with Reckon One here.

More reasons to love Reckon One

Bank-level security

Your data is encrypted, and protected with bank-level security.

Automatic backups & updates

Your data is safe, and you’re always on the latest, cutting-edge online accounting software.

Data stored in Australia

Your sensitive accounting software data is stored here at home, under Australian law.

Cancel at any time

Switch us off whenever you want. Your data is saved for 7 years.

Works on all devices

Our online accounting software runs on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Connect with an expert

Your accountant or bookkeeper can now help your small business in real-time.

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