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Your guide to starting a bookkeeping business in Australia

Everything you need to know about starting a bookkeeping business from home and how to offer your services to clients. 

How to become a bookkeeper in Australia?

A comprehensive guide on becoming a bookkeeper in Australia, outlining the necessary qualifications, certifications, and skills required for a successful career in the field. Read the article to learn more.

Starting a Bookkeeping Business In Australia
Starting an Online Bookkeeping Business from Home

Starting an online bookkeeping business from home

If you want to replace your full-time job or earn extra income, running an online bookkeeping business from home might be the perfect solution. This article highlights the benefits and steps involved in starting a home-based bookkeeping business.

Creating your bookkeeping business plan

Creating a solid business plan is crucial when starting a bookkeeping business. This article goes through the key elements for success including an executive summary, market analysis, financials, goals and more

Creating Your Bookkeeping Business Plan
Offering bookkeeping services to small businesses

Offering bookkeeping services to small businesses

To offer bookkeeping services to small businesses, it’s important to understand the range of offerings and cater to client needs. Read the article to learn more.


Frequently asked questions

What do bookkeepers do?

Bookkeepers take a business or individual’s financial transactions and record analyse and interpret the information they contain. 

What qualifications do you need to be a bookkeeper?

To become a bookkeeper in Australia it is recommended you complete a Certificate IV or higher in bookkeeping or accounting. This will teach you the basic of maintaining records, preparing reports and working with accounting software.

Can a bookkeeper submit BAS reports?

To submit Business Activity Statements (BAS), you need more advanced qualifications on top of your Certificate IV. You’ll need to gain 1400 hours of relevant work experience from xperienced professionals who are registered BAS Agents. You can volunteer, intern, or start as an entry-level bookkeeper to acquire the necessary knowledge. Once you have gained experience and become familiar with GST and BAS procedures, you can apply to the Tax Practitioners Board to become a registered BAS Agent. Although not required for a bookkeeping career, having this qualification will improve your chances of success.

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