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Your guide to marketing your bookkeeping business in Australia

Everything you need to know about marketing your accounting or bookkeeping business so that you can attract and retain clients..

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Bookkeeping marketing strategy

So you’ve started up a bookkeeping business, you’ve nailed down a business plan and you’re now at the stage of getting off the ground and pulling in some clients to get your cash flowing. But to attract and retain new clients, you’re going to need a marketing strategy to properly market your bookkeeping services. Read the article to get started.

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How much to charge as a bookkeeper

If you’re starting in bookkeeping or opening your own business, you’ll need to understand how much to charge as a bookkeeper or an advisor. This article highlights how much bookkeepers charge and the different ways in which they can charge for their services.
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Digital marketing for accountants and bookkeepers

if you’ve launched your accounting or bookkeeping business, it’s time to attract some attention and some clients. To make a splash these days, you need to embrace online or digital marketing. Read our article to get started.
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How to find bookkeeping clients

The lifeblood of bookkeeping businesses and accounting firms is a healthy spread of clients. This article goes through key elements to successfully attract potential clients to consider taking up your services.

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Buying an accounting practice

Purchasing an accounting practice may be on the cards for professionals and entrepreneurs with the drive and desire to become business owners and run established firms. Read the article to learn the essential methodologies to value and purchase a pre-existing accounting practice.

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Building an accounting website for your business

Before you even think about starting up any marketing activity, make sure you’ve built a solid, functional, and attractive website for your accounting firm or bookkeeping services. This article explains how you can get up and running and get the most out of your website.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you market your accounting or bookkeeping business to attract new clients?
To effectively attract and retain clients, a well-crafted marketing strategy is essential for promoting your bookkeeping services.

Crafting a successful marketing strategy entails several key elements, such as building a stable and recognisable brand, understanding your target market, establishing a robust online presence through a solid website, leveraging social media platforms for business promotion, creating engaging and relevant content, implementing SEO strategies, and much more.

Our comprehensive article outlines each of these crucial components in detail, providing you with valuable insights to effectively market your bookkeeping business and drive growth.

Why is digital marketing important for accounting and bookkeeping businesses?
Attracting and retaining clients is the backbone of any successful accountant or bookkeeper’s business model. Without a steady influx of new and loyal clients, sustaining long-term success becomes challenging.

So how does one attract potential clients and retain them? The key lies in implementing a robust and cohesive digital marketing strategy. In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is paramount. A well-designed website, a solid social media presence, and effective digital advertising and promotions are essential elements that can’t be overlooked. Keep reading our article that has a range of powerful online marketing strategies that can be employed to effectively promote and sell your bookkeeping or accounting services.

What are the bookkeeping rates in Australia?
Wondering about bookkeepers’ fees? The cost can vary significantly based on the scope of services and the bookkeeper’s expertise. As of 2023 in Australia, basic bookkeeping services typically fall within the $30-$40 per hour range. However, it’s important to note that this rate pertains to simpler bookkeeping tasks. If the bookkeeper is also a registered BAS agent, the fees can rise considerably.

On average, a bookkeeper’s annual salary ranges from $65k to $75k. Nevertheless, seasoned bookkeepers with a broader range of responsibilities and accreditations can command higher earnings, often surpassing the $100k mark.

Moreover, bookkeepers who venture into owning their own bookkeeping or advisory business, offering specialized or intricate services, can potentially earn even more. Expanding into accounting, business advisory, payroll, or BAS services, and securing larger clients can significantly boost their income.

So, if you’re considering a career in bookkeeping, there’s ample room to thrive financially by providing top-notch services and exploring broader business opportunities.

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