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Payroll software comparison table

Number of employees

Pay runs


Automate superannuation

STP reporting

Leave & entitlements

Unlimited free phone support
Monthly price



Up to 4 employees


Up to 4 employees


Comparison is based on Quickbooks 'Simple Start' plan + and additional $5/month per employee via their payroll add on, Xero's 'Payroll only' plan and Reckon's 'Payroll Essentials' plan.  Data correct as of December 2023.

A clever pricing system our competition can’t match

As a small business, paying thousands of dollars a year for payroll software doesn’t make sense. The closest competitor listed below is almost over 4 x our price annually. Don’t pay more for the same features!
Compare the cost of Reckon & Xero’s 5 employee package packages you’ll pay 763% more per year for Xero. While it might not seem a lot per month, consider this over 5 years and you’ll have an extra $3,660 in your pocket to re-invest in your growing business.

Our competitors price their packages based on volume e.g employees p/m. That means when you move from one tier to the next it can result in steep price increase and hundreds of dollars more each year. At Reckon, we believe in fair pricing  for Aussie small business owners and are proud to offer our flat pricing structure that supports your growth.

So whether you have 4, 5 or 10 employees you pay the same price. See the flat monthly cost of using Reckon One to manage payroll as compared to our competitors:

More reasons to love Reckon payroll

Attract new clients and revenue

Custom built payroll

Our payroll is built in house in Australia, so we control the pricing and seamless integration. QuickBooks payroll is a third party called KeyPay which leave you vulnerable to price increases.

Education, support and resources

Phone, email & chat support

We’re always here to support you when you need a hand. Our friendly support team has over 1400+ reviews averaging 4.5 stars.

Your own private team

Data stored in Australia

Your sensitive payroll information is stored in Australia under Australian law and we are ISO 27001 security verified as part of our interaction with the ATO.

“Glad I chose Reckon One.

When I first started with Reckon I knew little about how payroll worked and the STP thing had me horrified. But learning how to use Reckon One has taken the sting out of bookwork 🙂 “

Jenetta Haim, Business Owner

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