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Getting on the right road for success.

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, but with Reckon One, Joe and Vesna Fedele have been able to set up their financials easily and quickly.

By taking out the stress of manual invoicing, bills and payments, this husband and wife team can focus on what really matters.

Joe & Vesna Fedele

“Reckon One has provided us with the confidence to embark on our new business venture”.

– Joe & Vesna Fedele, Owners, Contemporary Edge Stone & Tile


Finding cost effective accounting software for a growing business

When Joe and Vesna began Contemporary Edge Stone & Tile, they searched for an efficient and cost effective accounting solution to suit their business needs. While Vesna had prior experience with MYOB, a friend recommended Reckon One as an alternative option to investigate.

As a new business, Joe and Vesna were looking to save money and Reckon One was able to provide the couple with a competitively priced and straightforward accounting application. In the early days, Reckon One was particularly helpful with managing cash flow, and now the business utilises the software for invoicing, keeping track of bills and payments, profit and loss statements for tax time and their business activity statements.

Powering growth and expansion

Success with Reckon One

Vesna says she appreciates the simple design and layout of the interface and loves how the dashboard provides a quick overview of the business’s financial performance.

Reckon One provides Contemporary Edge Stone & Tile with the ability to quickly submit digital invoices – a much quicker alternative to more traditional accounting practices. Vesna can send invoices directly from the Reckon platform, saving her the hassle of creating new emails. Reckon One has provided Vesna and Joe with confidence as they embark on their new venture. By making the daunting financial aspects of starting a business easier, the pair have more time to focus on meeting the needs of their customers.

Vesna knows she can easily contact the support team if she ever encounters a problem. She simply provides them with her login details and they address the issue straight away.

Plus, with an online community providing 24/7 support, Vesna is never far from finding help. When she first started using the software, Vesna utilised Reckon’s free webinars and online training platform which she found extremely useful. Once her training was complete, Vesna was competently using the software in less than a month.

“Reckon One provided us with a competitively priced and straightforward accounting solution”

– Joe & Vesna Fedele, Owners, Contemporary Edge Stone & Tile

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About Contemporary Edge Stone & Tile

Contemporary Edge Stone & Tile was started in 2015 by husband and wife team, Joe and Vesna Fedele. Joe applies his 20 years of experience to the practical side of laying the tiles and stone, while Vesna handles administrative tasks. The Adelaide based business undertakes both residential and commercial work.