By Reckon Team

A Guide on PAYG Payment Summary Forms


Getting ready to lodge your 2012/13 payment summaries to the ATO next month? If you’re using Reckon Accounts Hosted you no longer need to use paper forms or the ATO’s ECI client.

With Reckon Accounts Hosted you can submit via Reckon GovConnect our SBR-enabled platform. Being SBR-enabled means you can connect directly to the ATO from your software, and get real-time messages from the agency, making the whole processes faster.

Here are just five reasons why you should try out Reckon GovConnect to submit payment summaries this year:

1. Forms configured to meet your requirements so you don’t have to complete unnecessary fields;

2. Real-time validation from the ATO so you know you summary has been submitted successfully;

3. Data from your Reckon Accounts Hosted files is automatically drawn into the fields to speed up the submission process;

4. Tax and BAS agents can lodge payment summaries on behalf of businesses;

5. And you can use the single government sign on, AUSkey.

The PAYG Payment Summary reports available in Reckon Accounts Hosted are:

  • Individual Non-Business
  • Employment Termination Payment

And here are 7 steps to lodge payment summaries to the ATO using Reckon GovConnect in Reckon Accounts Hosted:

1. Log in to Reckon Accounts Hosted 2013 R2 and open your company data file;

2. Go to Employees > Process Payment Summaries > ATO via GovConnect (SBR);

3. Select the financial year and the type of Payment Summary;

4. Select the employees you wish to submit for;

5. Click Lodge;

6. Upload your AUSkey (only required the first time you use this functionality);

7. Follow the lodgement wizard


Get in touch with us if you have any trouble following the steps.

Find out more about your individual requirements and due dates via the ATO website.

Please note: SBR and Standard Business Reporting are trademarks owned by the Australian Government.

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