This blog was written by the team at Vidico. Vidico are a Melbourne-based video production agency that produces stunning visual content for large brands and innovative tech startups.

Creating video content is perceived as time consuming and using too many resources, so it gets placed in the ‘too hard’ basket. The power of video is often overlooked for those reasons. But did you know that video continues to be one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy?

A recent consumer study by Wyzowl revealed that 66% of consumers would prefer watching a short video when asked how they’d like to learn more about a product or service.

More than ever, it’s imperative we continue to stay part of the social conversation of our customers through video. So, here are our five ways to grow your business with video.

Strategy 1: Produce a tutorial video to educate and train your customers on using your service

If you’ve frequently been asked ‘so how do I learn how to do this?’, then it’s time to be producing tutorial videos.

Your videos should be educative and clearly show how others can use your product. Having a step by step guide or a tutorial with an actual person demonstrating the use of the product will seriously give some confidence to your customers and prospects.

Right after they’re done watching, they’ll also want to share it among their network – people simply love to share, and this is the amazing power of social media and social sharing.

Once you’ve built up a set of videos, you can then include them in a library of content ­– such as a learning hub on your website and YouTube.

Here’s a great example of a fitness video that went viral. It even had the audience creating their own videos!

Strategy 2: Increase trust with a customer testimonial video

So you’ve received some amazing feedback from an existing client – what do you do with it? Why not produce a testimonial video to show other clients and like-minded prospects how your product is being used and how it’s benefiting them?

Testimonial videos have a higher retention rate and your audience will typically remember it more than text. Just like storytelling in a movie, interesting visuals in online video helps people remember information, keeping your product top-of-mind. If consumers trust your customer testimonial, they’ll most likely buy your product.

Take a look at these customer testimonial videos:

Strategy 3: Revitalise your digital strategy to increase brand visibility by repurposing old video content so you can get the most out of it

There’s a lot that can be done with old video content, especially if the content still remains relevant. Content from previous years can be repurposed for new or refreshed campaigns.

Simply update your messaging to give it a fresh perspective and, if you need to reach out to your previous video supplier, simply ask them how you can go about updating the content.

Here are some great ways to recycle your content:

  • Bring back past video to generate new traffic (there’s a likelihood that your new audience would have missed your older content).
  • Adapt your old video content to multiple social platforms.

Reinforce your content again and again. Instead of creating more content – make your content appear on various channels. Bunnings does this extremely well.

Strategy 4: Create video content by using built-in video features from social media

Now here’s an opportunity to roll up your creative sleeves and test out the ‘video function’ from social media platforms. The ways that audiences are consuming information continues to evolve, so we should be adapting how we communicate our products as well. Video continues to be produced on social media by, literally, everyone. Not only is it free but it’s really simple and easy.

Try one of these features today:

Instagram Stories

Create a simple ‘in-the-moment’ video to showcase your services that teaches others how to use it. If you can do it on the spot, then you can capture it too!

Facebook or Zoom Live

If you’ve got an event or an in-store demonstration, this a great way to make your event digitally accessible to your customers at home

Strategy 5: Embed video in email to bring you closer to your mobile audience

One of the best parts of producing an email campaign is the ability to be creative and discuss what’s relevant. Using video in emails will save you time that you’d otherwise have spent writing. Simply start by planning your campaign, get it filmed and keep it nice and short.

Here’s a guide on how you embed video into your email campaign.

Tip: If you can include video in your email campaign, chances are higher of having it opened!