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See each job’s profitability in real-time and create instant profit and loss reports to forecast final costs. Ideal for figuring out the strengths and weaknesses in your business. You won’t know how you got by without it. Perfect for tradies, professional services and creatives!

Manage your job & project profitability
See the smaller jobs, in a bigger project.

See the smaller jobs, in a bigger project

Have a big project running with multiple smaller jobs? Gain clarity, by adding sub-projects, and get the control you’ve always wanted.

Who are your best customers & suppliers?

Projects makes it easy to track the costs of multiple clients and suppliers on each of your jobs. Available on the medium version for only £1/month more.

Projects Best Customers Suppliers
Custom rates for specific jobs.

Custom rates for specific jobs

If you’re an event planner you might have a ‘regular’ rate and a ‘wedding’ rate.

Reckon One lets you set up item rates by project, so discounts or premiums are automatically included on specific types of jobs. Perfect for contractors and venue managers.

Frequently asked questions

How do I track jobs and bill customers by time?

Timesheets allow you to keep track of what your employees have been up to, and to then bill clients for that work. To access Timesheets you need to activate the Time module within your book. For more information visit our help page here.

What are the benefits of project management software?

Employee project management software boosts team productivity and streamlines the payroll process! Here are some points on how project management software can be good for your business.

  1. Boost employee efficiency
  2. Evaluate team workflow
  3. Bill clients with ease
  4. View task analytics
  5. Improve staff accountability
  6. Streamline the payroll process
  7. Get an oversight on your finances
  8. Retain top performing staff
Can I run POS software on any device?

Yes! Reckon One allows an unlimited user account to be created and advanced roles or access controls features for these user accounts. It allows you to configure your own roles and assign them to the user accounts. However, care to be taken while creating the roles that you do not accidentally assign the permission that you do not intend to.

To learn how to create and modify users, read our article here.

What is project management software?

Project management software is used to plan, organize, and allocate resources for managing projects. It helps teams collaborate and keep track of the project’s progress while clearly defining tasks and responsibilities. It lets project managers control costs and time and allows smooth collaboration between stakeholders.

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