“We are already living the future”

Reckon Virtual Cabinet customers gathered in the centre of Westminster on EU Referendum day for the first ever Reckon UK Conference. Despite torrential rain overnight and some serious transport challenges, professional firms from all over the UK were rewarded with an exciting and stimulating day and one of the most stunning views of London from the 28th floor of Millbank Tower at Altitude 360.
A fast-moving programme featured keynote sessions from a range of speakers including author and journalist, Andreas Ekstrom, whose fascinating presentation uncovered the power structures of the digital revolution. He told delegates how they can all benefit by learning about the world in a different way with the help of such incredible tools as Google. He advised not to forget their own skills along the way and to ‘apply all of what they know and to layer it on top of IT.’
In his afternoon presentation, Ben Oliver, Technical Director, revealed the future product road map for Virtual Cabinet and its’ focus on improving communication and mobility. He told the audience that these are exciting times and we ‘are already living the future’; combining software development expertise in the UK with the highly experienced Australian team to create an unmatched agility that uses processes modeled by the best in the World.
“The aim, quite simply, is to listen to what our customers are saying and deliver software that looks awesome and delivers value,” Ben said. “This phenomenal global team has delivered more iterations in 12 months than in the last 3 years; all of which are designed to add value and improve communication. Many of the team have been working on Virtual Cabinet for more than 10 years and they are totally dedicated people focused on wanting to do the best by you. I want you to know you are heard and you are listened to.”
This approach of listening to what customers want and need is clear to see in the exciting new Reckon One, which was demonstrated by Jon Martingale. This latest introduction to the product portfolio is a modular and affordable cloud accounting system that provides small and micro sized businesses with an easy way to manage their finances.
Senior executives from MyFirmsApp and Symphony CRM also took to the stage to explain how their solutions now work hand in hand with Virtual Cabinet to deliver closer interaction with clients. A new global relationship with MyFirmsApp will make it easier for firms to communicate with clients on the go and to ensure documents are approved quickly and securely.
With the 20th anniversary of the company fast approaching and news that there are now 41,000 users of Virtual Cabinet software and 520,000 Portal users, it was announced that a new Virtual Cabinet community is to be formed. The idea is to help users share best practice and tips and tricks in a variety of ways including #VCHacks.
The day ended with a chance for customers to network with their peers and to talk on a one-to-one basis with the Reckon team that included CEO, Clive Rabie, who had flown in from Australia, especially for the conference.