Successful business relationships and personal relationships require a lot of the same skills. Taking an interest in the other person, being honest and sharing your values are all important.
But what can you do to engage with customers and/or stakeholders in your business – such as suppliers? How can you add more to your interactions?

We’ve come up with three simple and practical ways to get more out of your business relationships this financial year – we’d love to hear what else you’d add to this too.

Make every engagement matter

If you are looking to build long-lasting relationships with your customers then interactions need to be about more than just offering a professional service.

Take the time to show you care about your clients and want to connect with them by finding out what you can offer above your product or service that they would value. As an example, sharing your expertise can be an inexpensive way to add-value to your customers’ experience and keep them interested in your products and services.

Find a way that you can work on something together

For re-charging those close business relationships, such as with an important client, take the time to listen to how the client’s business is fairing and what pressures they are facing, as well as sharing information about your business. There’s a reason your relationship has worked well in the past, listening will give you the opportunity to see where the relationship can go in the future.

Connect with them in online communities they care about

Staying in touch and sharing ideas is made easy through community forums and groups on social media sites where your customers/clients are having relevant conversations. Offer valuable feedback and join in discussions to demonstrate that you have something of value to contribute. Providing carefully considered and considerate responses can also help to lift attitudes about you, and your business.

What practical tips do you have to keep business relationships working well?