By Pete Sanders

Time Expenses Added To Reckon One


We’ve made significant improvements and additions to our cloud accounting offering Reckon One. Small businesses now have access to a new module for online tracking of the time jobs take and all expenses, as well as improvements to reporting.

New Reckon One Time & Expenses module

Not everything in a small business can simply be tracked back to a supplier invoice, and accounting for time spent on completing job is important for ensuring your business is being paid correctly.

The new Time & Expenses module makes it easy to keep track of time spent on projects and manage all your out-of-pocket expenses.

The unique design of Reckon One means that all major features are available as modules. That way your business can choose what it needs and only pay for those parts of the program. Also, it means that as you add modules the program becomes more powerful, and your data becomes more meaningful.

The new Time & Expenses module together with Projects and Invoices modules already in Reckon One keeps you across all activities relating to any project – making it simpler to report on job costs and bill clients effectively.

Screenshot of enter expense claim in Reckon One, online accounting software

Screenshot of entering expense claim in Reckon One

Reckon One mobile app update

As part of today’s release, when using Time & Expenses in Reckon One you’ll be able to email invoices and receive payments directly from your mobile – this is already available for Android device users and will be made available for iOS device users very soon.

Better reporting now available in Reckon One

Also today, online reporting has significantly improved with new reports and new groupings now in Reckon One. Alongside new aged debtors and aged creditors reports users now also have an expanded report tab.

Through customer and partner feedback we’ve made changes that make it easier for users to drill down into their performance quickly.

Reckon One includes over 15 key reports for keeping track of business performance including reports on:

• Debtors and Creditors reports

• Bills and Invoice reports

• Aged Debtor summary

• Aged Creditor summary

• Aged Debtors
• Aged Creditors

• Aged Debtor transactions

• Aged Creditor transactions

• Invoice list

• Unpaid invoices

• Bill list

• Unpaid bills

• Expense Claim list

• Expense summary

• Expense Transactions report

Take a look at the reporting window in Reckon One:

Time Expenses Added To Reckon One

Screenshot of reports window in Reckon One

Reckon One is available as a 30-day free trial, which includes the Core, Invoices, Projects and Time & Expenses modules, at The Time & Expenses module starts at $3 per month.

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