As one of Australia’s leading accounting software providers, Reckon is encouraging small to medium sized businesses and accounting practices to take notice of their accounting technology this year.

According to a report by the Hinge Research Institute, technology is at the forefront of Accountants’ minds for 2015, with over 30% of firms listing this as a major focus behind attracting and developing new business, employee retention and organisational leadership, rounding out their top four business challenges for this year.

Reckon believes that one solution to alleviating business and technology pressures is creating business efficiencies through flexible, advanced and holistic accounting software approaches.

“Accountants have shown that they are increasingly focusing on technology as a platform to increase business and personal efficiency. Offering software solutions that provide freedom, flexibility and visibility for accountants are key”, says Dan Rabie, Corporate Strategy Director for Reckon.

“What this really means is that delivering truly scalable software solutions and creating better synergies and integration with key bodies and businesses within the finance and accounting sphere are essential. If this is done effectively, through the right software platforms such as Reckon One, then accountants will gain even better visibility, with real time data and direct integration with banks.”

Reckon recognises that the accounting and small business industry is hungry for technology solutions that solve issues and create efficiencies in practices. Technology providers need to take a continuous development and collaborative approach to look beyond the standard and towards more tailored, flexible and robust solutions and platforms.

Reckon remains committed to this approach with products like Sync Direct, Virtual Cabinet and Reckon One gaining momentum in the market. Additionally, Reckon One is the most cost effective offering presently in the market with the flexibility to then add additional modules in line with business needs.