Dylan Baskind and Mark Tanner are the founders of Qwilr, software that makes creating web pages as easy as writing a document. The web pages are data rich, interactive, and dynamic. Reckon sat down with the two founders to discuss where the idea came from and how the two built Qwilr into a functioning business.
The Qwilr founders discuss:

  • How they made the leap from idea to actively turning the product into a business.
  • Why maintaining a robust and respectful approach is important to keep a partnership functional.
  • The benefit of having already formed the idea of the product before establishing their business.

In the video below, Dylan and Mark explain what Qwilr is and provide some insight into their startup journey. As a bonus for the Reckon podcast series, Dylan and Mark then sat down for an interview to go into further detail on how they ensure they maintain an effective working relationship and the challenges they have faced in delivering their product.

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