Please don’t let me hear any more about the way the Accounting industry is changing – I GET IT AND I WELCOME IT. What I want to see is firms doing something about it in a planned and managed way.

To paraphrase Charles Darwin: ‘it is not the strongest or the most intelligent that survive; but the most adaptive to change.’ What is going on in our industry at the moment represents one of the most important strategic opportunities of this generation in Accounting. There is so much that we can and MUST do:

Stop living in fear and denial of change
Start taking a long term strategic view
Find out what our clients want from us
Work out how we can deliver this to our clients in a systematic, consistent and super efficient way
Invest in learning and teaching our teams the skills we are weak on like value articulation, problem solving, selling, coaching and leading a more commercially focussed Accounting firm
Partner with experts so we don’t reinvent the wheel and can fast track our success.
This is what I have done over the last 5 years – those who know me will have heard me talk about congruency – I practice what I teach. By following these 6 steps I truly revolutionised my firm Quay Accountants:

50% of income coming from business development work (over $1m per annum)
Services that my clients told me they wanted and needed
A shift to Reckon APS (including CRM, Virtual Cabinet, Capacity Planning and Workpaper Management) to maximise my team efficiency and systemisation.
The end result was EBIT over 33% and, most importantly, more time for me to spend with my family.

If you want to find out more then you MUST come to the Reckon APS conference where I will tell you the full story of how you can do this too.

* * * *

Join us in conversation with two Reckon APS clients at this years Reckon Conference in Melbourne, Auckland, and Sydey. Trent Taylor (Teach It Forward) and Mark Jenkins (2020 Business Dynamics) will offer some great insights from the viewpoint of the APS client in their session ‘Revolutionising Your Accounting Practice.