The official launch of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system takes place today, on 29 July 2015. We strongly suggest you contact us before upgrading to Windows 10 as currently we are not yet providing official support for Reckon APS product suite on the Windows 10 environment.

Reckon has been conducting successful quality assurance on Windows 10 previews for several months, with this work ongoing. Once compatibility has been determined for the full APS product suite, we will be able to offer professional support from our team to assist you if required.

With resources now dedicated to the new operating system, we will be phasing out support for older operating systems. From 1 April 2016, Reckon will no longer support certain versions of Microsoft Operating Systems, SQL and Windows servers, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer for the Reckon APS product range.


The decision to no longer support older Windows products is keeping in line with technology industry trends and enables our support team to maintain focus on platforms that meet the demands of a professional operating environment. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP from 8 July 2014, no longer issuing technical support or security updates for XP.

Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting XP is notable due to the strong market success XP experienced. US firm NetMarketShare report that of the 1.5 billion PC’s in the world, 27.7% of them were still running XP as support for the operating system was halted. While XP may still be widely used, its use does leave over 400 million XP users more susceptible to virus’ and malware than users of more current operating systems. 

Sensitive to the needs of some of our clients, Reckon has maintained support for XP and SQL 2005 to date. But with so few Reckon users still working with XP, SQL 2005 and the need to dedicate resources, we will be ending our support of XP, SQL 2005 and other older Microsoft products from 1 April 2016.

Reckon Prepares Windows 10

If these changes are going to impact your business and you would like an alternative solution to upgrading your systems, please contact us to discuss our Private cloud solution or visit our website for more details.

For more information on Microsoft Windows 10, please visit their website.