It’s time to lodge that BAS again. As we speak, dedicated tax agents are furrowing brows and toiling away on Activity Statements to lodge for their clients. Amid the flurry there has been a boon for our Reckon One users, with GovReports now ready for Reckon One users to lodge BAS online.

Many of you will already know that “GovReports is an online reporting platform for business, BAS and tax agents to prepare, manage and or lodge regulatory and compliance reports including tax returns to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and payroll tax returns to all States and Territories Revenue Offices using SBR gateway.”

GovReports mercifully simplifies the process of online compliance reporting by integrating with all major accounting software providers which allows its users to access their account anywhere there is an internet connection.  All you have to do then is prefill your reporting data and you are ready for lodgement, without multiple handlings of the account information.

“The integration with Reckon One means that the GST data is prepopulated from your sale and purchase figures straight onto the ATO form format via GovReports ready for lodgement. This eliminates the need to manually enter the figures into the BAS statements on to the ATO portal or print a form and send to ATO.”

For Tax and BAS agents, GovReports boasts a handy digital signature function so once you have prepared and validated your activity statement information with the ATO, the reports can be sent directly to a client for authorisation.

To encourage users to try out the new integration with Reckon One, GovReports is giving away $50 credit to users when lodging their first Reckon One BAS report. This is available for both existing and new GovReports users and valid to 30th June 2017.

GovReports Director, Tiana Tran has a positive outlook on the Reckon One integration as it provides users with even more options to prepare BAS reports for online lodgment and covers users of one of the country’s most prolific accounting solutions. This also marks the beginning of a wider integration effort by GovReports to further simplify the compliance reporting process for tax payers and practitioners.

As Jason Hollis, Head of Reckon Product Strategy – Business Group, noted on the integration:

“GovReports have been a long-term partner with Reckon complementing our Reckon Accounts range of business accounting software for many years. Extending their integration to Reckon One further strengthens our relationship and mutual commitment to simplifying and automating government reporting for business owners and professionals alike.”

To lodge Reckon One March quarterly BAS or April IAS:

  • Go to the Business Profile,
  • click on Forms
  • Select Activity Statements
  • Click List to get listing of all ATO issued activity Statement for the selected entity
  • Select the BAS report to work on
  • Select Reckon One to import and prefill BAS Report
  • Enter your username and password for Reckon One
  • Proceed to review and lodge BAS

Any queries regarding the Reckon One integration and its process, please contact Tiana Tran on 02 8677 9669 or email