Reckon has today announced the release of Reckon Invoices, a free app for all businesses who want to manage their invoices on-the-go. Straight from their smartphone.
Over the past decade the way people work has been significantly changed by the smartphone. Anywhere you can get a phone data connection, some level of work can be performed – be it managing emails, connecting into the office network, or using messaging apps to communicate amongst team members.

It’s also been a huge shift for small business with owners now able to perform a lot of tasks that kept them in the office until the wee hours. Cloud accounting systems are taking this to the next level, offering business owners and professional services, such as accountants and bookkeepers, the convenience of working remotely and 24/7 access to their financial data. This increased accesss means accountants and bookkeepers are visibly keeping a much closer eye on how businesses are performing, in many cases becoming business advisors as well as managing the main compliance.

There are, however, some businesses out there still using Excel or reams of paper to perform invoicing and are not too sure where to start with cloud accounting. This is why we have released Reckon Invoices, a free smartphone app that allows you to invoice clients wherever you are and track your payments.

Within the application you are able to setup customers and products to be sold, storing that information within the application saving you from having to enter data every time an invoice is sent. Think of the time you can save by finalising and sending a customer’s invoice before even leaving their premises. They may even pay you on the spot, with the transaction entirely finalised before you leave. With all the data at your fingertips, a few quick taps and the invoice is ready to go.

The Reckon Invoices application also includes some features that you generally would not find in a free application, such as the ability to add your own company logo to the invoices. Reckon Invoices also provides a visually-appealing dashboard that summarises your draft invoices, paid invoices and outstanding invoices – including a listing of your most aged invoice. If you happen to be a business that trades internationally, the app also supports different currencies such as the Euro and Pound and you can setup international address details for customers.

In brief, the features of the FREE Reckon Invoices app include:

  • Send unlimited invoices
  • Save an unlimited number of contacts/clients
  • Track receipts, organise paid and unpaid invoices
  • Personalise invoices with your own logo

Reckon Invoices is available for you to download today from both the Apple App Store for iPhone users, and from the Google Play Store for Android phone users.


Reckon Invoices Offers Freedom To Mobile Users