Reckon One teams up with Web Ninja Collect to redefine customer credit term management.

Every business on the planet at some time extends credit to customers and becomes, in effect, an interest free “bank”. Your company “Now a Small Business Bank” extends customer credit typically from 7 to 30 days based on the Trading Terms you offer clients for your products or services.

Your clients now purchase products / services on their freshly minted account and a high percentage will choose to ignore the Trading Terms and extend their credit for as long as you are prepared to offer interest free terms (not how the Bigger Banks operate).

Using Reckon One cloud accounting software and Web Ninja Collect, your Trading Terms are enforced by an automated customer reminder service that simply asks clients to respect the agreed Trading Terms and pay on-time, every-time.

Why Reckon One and Web Ninja Collect?

Up and running within 5 minutes: Simply point Web Ninja Collect to Reckon One through an easy to use setup wizard and Web Ninja Collect will sync daily for easy tracking of what has been paid and what hasn’t.

Enhance existing debtor management activities: Automatically send invoice reminders to your customers reminding them that their invoice is due and how much to pay. Web Ninja Collect saves time and money on admin by sending timely emails to your customers removing the manual process of chasing and reconciling customer payments.

Simply enforce trading terms: With Web Ninja Collect you can customise your reminders to show the invoice details you want, including payment terms and payment options to remove any roadblocks to receiving payment. By taking the manual work out of chasing overdue invoices you’re automatically increasing the cashflow to your business.

Integrating Web Ninja Collect with Reckon One makes the task of Debt Collection effortless. Learn more about this exciting solution by visiting the Reckon Add-on marketplace. Visit the marketplace here.

New to Reckon One?

Sign up to Reckon One today and get Web Ninja Collect free for 12 months! Hurry, offer is limited to the first 50 Reckon One Subscribers. Start using Reckon One with Web Ninja Collect here.