It’s almost here. The new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted will be LIVE on 10 August. This massive change has already happened in New Zealand, now the move is happening in Australia.

What can you expect? Why have we made this change?

Reckon Accounts Hosted, the new version, is something we’ve been working on for over a year. We know customers want the service to be more stable and want better overall performance. Check out this video interview with Pete Sanders, MD of Business Group, and Zack Levy, CIO, talking about why we’re releasing a new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Pete and Zack talk about the new Reckon Accounts Hosted

 You’ll find lots of information, resources and details of webinars to help you navigate the new platform so you’ll be ready on 10 August here.

If you’ve got questions or want to join in a conversation about the new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted visit the Reckon Community.