By Min Kumar

Quick and simple ways to celebrate International Employee Appreciation Day


The first Friday in March every year is International Employee Appreciation Day (IEAD). For many micro or small businesses staff may only consist of one or two employees which makes this day all the more important. Use it as a timely reminder to remember to thank your employees for their contribution to your business and also acknowledge your status as an employee too. Maintaining a successful business takes a lot of work, too often we only reflect on our successes, rather than the work it took to get there.

So this IEAD, why not think about how you can give your employees a pat on the back for a job well done, and if you’re running low on ideas, try some of these:

1. Celebrate with food

Whether it’s providing breakfast or putting together a picnic, this is a fast and budget-friendly way of showing your appreciation. Sharing a meal with the entire team is a great way to build relationships and find out a bit more about your team. Call around to a local café or even check out sites such as Groupon to find a deal to get the most value on a shoestring.

2. Workplace angels

Everybody loves a little luxury, so why not add something special to the day with an in-office service. Popular choices such as 3 Minute Angels provide a range of services including: short-duration massages, quick yoga classes, meditation sessions, mini-manicures and pop-up pampering.  These companies employ professionals and are flexible in the variety of services they offer. So give them a shot if you’re looking for a mid-day pick-me-up.

3. Recognise their contribution publicly

The saying goes ‘praise publically, coach privately’, so use this as chance to highlight the best in your team and yourself. Hand out impromptu awards, set up a Wall of Fame or simply write a LinkedIn recommendation. Always remember to keep your praise positive and specific by naming instances where they’ve done well and for today leave the ‘compliment sandwich’ in the fridge.

4. Let them elect a day to finish early

Everyone likes to knock off early on a Friday, but for many small businesses this may prove costly. A good alternative could be to give your team members the option of taking a longer lunch or choosing a day to finish early in the upcoming week.

5. Group Experience

Depending on your budget an afternoon of go-karting or laser tag could be just the ticket. Experiences are particularly good if you can get a group of 10 to take advantage of discounts and deals. Far from being a typical team building exercise, these experiences aim to move your crew out of your comfort zones and into an adrenalin pumping arena.

Above all International Employee Appreciation Day is about saying thanks. Taking a moment to make your staff feel valued can make all the difference.

Feeling inspired? Let us know what you plan to do in the comments below.

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