Feeling the business funk? Are your Monday blues extending all the way through until Friday? getting stuck in a work funk is a common problem but this is exasperated when you run your own business and the success of your company is on the line. This can’t go on – steps need to be taken. 3 of them.

1) Why are you struggling?

Gut check time. Before any resolution can be formed have a good hard look at yourself and your business to figure out why you are feeling unmotivated. Are you unexcited by a project? Underwhelmed by your employees? Eyeing a different line of work or depressed by decreasing sales? Are you not enjoying your work space or getting exasperated by niggling tasks? Try and tie down the primary causes of your funk and the negative thoughts that invade your peace.

2) What pleases you?

Now switch gears and write down all the things that please you. What makes you happy about your business? What brings in prosperity and happiness along with it? What makes you smile during the day or acts as a source of pride? Do you enjoy one line of work far more than others? Identifying what work matters to you is an important step in reversing the funk so be honest with yourself and put some weight on your values.

3) Take charge

Now the hard part. You now understand what it is that is causing your funk and what sits in opposition bringing you joy, pride and satisfaction. Now get realistic about what you can do. Some things can be removed from your life, others are hard to shake and can be categorised as a necessary evil. This an important part of breaking the downward spiral of the dreaded funk. The less motivated you become, the less likely you are to act on the source of that dissatisfaction. Knowing this its important to start small but act immediately. The mere act of motivated action is usually a great kick starter to get you out of the initial slump. Start by removing that which worries you and begin introducing more of that which pleases you in small but meaningful ways. It sounds simple but this is the point at which people stumble. Check in on yourself in a few weeks and if you are still in a funk, its time for more radical action on your two lists!