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Productivity tips being shared across the globe


We think anything that helps getting stuff done faster is good thing! That’s why this week we’ve taken note of some great productivity tips that are being shared across the globe that we can all take advantage of.

Time management

We start off with time management. It’s such a commonly used business buzz word because we all get distracted, get taken off track with distractions and know there are times when it’s hard to get motivated.

This week writer Jason Brick suggested that if getting distracted affects your ability to get stuff done it might be time to announce ‘do not disturb’ hours to your colleagues or try avoiding social media and email until you make real progress.

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Task Management

How does time management compare with task management? writer Amanda Jesnoewski said this week that we “confuse being busy with being productive.”

While her tips are focused on entrepreneurs they have relevance across a broad range of workers – she says if you take a step outside what’s important to the business and first look at what’s important to you you’ll gain a better perspective about what’s really urgent.

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Eliminating procrastination

Next we look at one thing that can drain our productivity – procrastination. There’s a bunch of reasons why we procrastinate, maybe the project is going through a difficult phase or you’re worried about the outcome.

Time Management Ninja wrote “We spend too much time worrying about what will never be, instead of doing the things that could be.” The team has published ten tips for overcoming procrastination that include preparing yourself for the outcome, putting things in perspective and reaching out to others.

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Practical tips

And how about being practical? It was great to see a piece
from this week that shared simple keyboard shortcuts that make life easier.

How about this one? Try out CTL + L and you’ll quickly lock your computer and one of the most popular ALT + TAB and you’ll be able to switch between open windows.

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Seen any great productivity tips this week you can share with us? Or have a tip of your own? Share it with us in the comments section.

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