In recent months our company has experienced a lot of change. After being established in Australia for more than 20 years, we’re now shifting the way we develop and deliver software so we can be more agile and offer users greater choice.

Among a host of changes, in the last few months we’ve changed our executive team and we’re about to release a new cloud accounting solution unlike anything else we’ve offered before.

Why? Because business has changed – and will continue to change; and we know this because our business is changing too.

As part of our recent changes our development team now has skills to deliver accounting software on more platforms – desktop, hosted and cloud.

In an interview with Box Free IT, our Strategic Director, Daniel Rabie, talks about our new team and our cloud strategy which includes the release Reckon One next month.

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(Pictured above – standing L to R is Zack Levy, GM Hosted Division and Gerald Chait, GM Marketing; sitting on top of lounge is Daniel Rabie, Strategic Director and Jo Lobb, GM Business Division, Accountants; and sitting is Sam Allert, MD Reckon APS and Pete Sanders, GM Business Division, Reckon Accounts)