Today we’ve made an exciting change to our social media profiles across Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We’ve launched our new social media headquarters – ReckonHQ.

From today you’ll find ReckonHQ communities across TwitterFacebook and Google+.

Why ReckonHQ?

We want you to find it easy to connect with us on a platform that you love. Maybe you have a quick question about one of our products or you’re looking to share a new idea. ReckonHQ is an easy way to connect with people at Reckon and everyone in our social media communities.

Love to tweet? Send us a tweet to @ReckonHQ anytime.

Love Facebook? Like our page and feel free to post on our wall.

If we’re not on a platform that you like to use just let me know – either get in touch via ReckonHQ or send me an email

So, what will be different?

Our current Facebook page and Twitter accounts remain the same – meaning if you’re a follower or a fan there’s no need to do anything. However the pages now have new web addresses – so if you’ve bookmarked these pages make sure you update the link to the new addresses.

We also now have new ReckonHQ pages on Google+ and You Tube.

What will stay the same?

Our social media communities exist for the same reasons they always have to share news and ideas, and help each other answer questions. They’re a great way to stay up to date and engage with like-minded peers.

You’ll still find our company page and community on Linkedin. Just search for Reckon once you’re logged in to the Linkedin platform.

What can you do now?

Come and join us – be part of our social media communities.

We’ve got a cool new competition starting on Twitter and Facebook soon and there’s always lots to talk about.